The COVID-19 Cytokine Storm Explained

In this lesson we take a look at the Cytokine Storm that we are seeing in some of our COVID-19 patients. This is a very serious complication that is developing in a subset of these patients and unfortunately is not having a good outcome for these patients.

I start off with Immunology 101 with a very quick overview of the immune system and specifically talking about what cytokines are, the different types of cytokines as well as what some of these cytokine do. I make mention of some of the cytokines that appear to be playing specific roles in this cytokine storm.

Next I explain more about the cytokine storm and what that actually means for our patients and what is happening with the immune system when they have this reaction. I also walk through a basic overview of the progression of the immune response, leading to the cytokine storm, as well as the effects that it has on the body.

From there we talk about the different tests that can help us to identify or diagnose that our patients are experiencing this cytokine storm, or at risk to do so. Unfortunately we don’t have any objective test. Finally I talk a little about the treatment and some of the potential medications that are being looked at to prevent or possible lessen the impact of this hyper-inflammatory response.

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  1. Very informative! My father in law was recently in the hospital due to Covid-19. The doctors ran all of the tests that you had described in your video. I'm on a TNF Blocker (a month now for RA) and recently positive for Covid and am experiencing very mild symptoms no fever as of yet.

  2. Have you ever considered vitamin D? The following video describes the research demonstrating how vitamin D is critical in all stages of COVID-19 as well as why vitamin D stops the cytokine storm and blood clotting.

  3. Many people do not even believe that it is real. Great video thanx for the education.

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  5. This may be of interest:
    High Dose Vitamin C in Covid 19
    cytokine storm…A great boon.
    on YouTube. 1/1/21.

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  7. In short, When you get infected with covid virus, as soon as bacterial foreign pathogen enters your body, the covid virus plus the bacteria will give you severe covid symptoms. And the virus, will change the dna command code of you cells and manipulate it to destroy your body, in other words.

  8. Great and informative video!
    Can you please explain why fever in cytokine storm is so hard to manage/treat , and why person usually doesn't respond to antipiretic medicine (sorry for my english). Thank you.

  9. decrease viral load, use anti viral medications or antibody treatment in early stage, use anti-inflammatory or steroid during cytokine storm, also pay attention to anticoagulant treatment need, prevent more patient need intubation and ventilator, plus support treatment, O2.

  10. how vaccine can stop this from happening? virus multiply in nose, throat, lung cells, then cause immu. system dysfunction, how the antibody IgG can stop the virus when it is not in blood stream?

  11. So, can vaccines make the situation worse since mRNA vaccines will present the spike protein on human cell surfaces? Can it trigger an autoimmune-like response?

  12. such a complex sytem and phenomen like this … can not be explane better. i wanted to send you a part of my hearth for your share-able brain.. thank you…

  13. So I have mast cell activation syndrome and must be on a histomine blocker protocol. Our specialist in the field of math cell disorders are all in agreeance that we have to look into the fact that mass selectivation patients and people with mass cell disorders are having the long haulers issue and the severe reaction to this virus.

    It is something that you yourself and anyone in this community should look into as well. Mast cell disorders are said to be more common then thought and this may be the reason a lot of people are having this issue.

  14. My mother is in a cytokine storm now she has edema and weeping she has been on a vent for 8 days what questions should I ask the doctor when I talk to them

  15. Can it trigger q form of menigitis .. aseptic meningitis? Csf protein levels are high. ?

  16. Thank you for this video! It helped me to understand cytokine storm better.
    What do you think about Edaravone for COVID-19-treatment? Can it be possible candidate for prevention lethal complications and for treatment COVID-19? I've heard edaravone can block both cytokine and free-radicals' storm.

  17. I went through a possible cytokine storm. I have 10 autoimmune antibodies. So I got Covid about a month ago. Then my ox was going down. I was admitted to the hosp. and found to have high ferrin levels in the 300 range and D-dimer in the 900 range during this I was desating. 4L in my nose 10 on a rebreather mask. And with all this my ox was 89. So I was sent to another hosp. With a covid ward. I was there 11 days went home on 4L. Doing much better. I had a immune system work up. Found to have immunodificiency missing IgG 2 and 4 subclass dificiency and a Pokeweed mitogen dificiency too. And on the other end autoimmune problems.

  18. 62 yr Male just tested positive my ferritin levels 843 should be concern what on watch for .med therapy Azithromycin &dexamethasone

  19. May I ask your opinion on the theory of cytokine storms potentially being induced by adjuvants in vaccines that patients received prior to becoming infected with COVID-19?

  20. Is neutrophilia in covid-19 associated with dysregulated immune system and cytokine storm?

  21. For a topic that is so broad and with many unknown variables- this was an incredible overview and explanation (esp for a newer nurse!) Unfortunately we see many of our patients RAPIDLY go through a progression from ARDS to the huge systemic response, working their way onto CVVH and then unfortunately later to comfort care once the irreversible damage is done. Hope we figure out a way to even just slow the progression so we can treat sooner rather than later!!!

  22. Thanks for another great lesson! You really put everything together clearly. I'm a vet, and have been thinking about the parallels between Covid19 in humans and feline coronavirus infections in cats. Feline Enteric Conoravirus (FECoV) produces a mild diarrhea illness in the vast majority of infected cats, but in small percentage of cases (a mostly younger cats) the virus mutates to a more virulent form – the Feline Infectious Peritonitis virus – which basically spreads via macrophages and results in a cytokine storm. Severe peritonitis and sometimes pleuritis occurs (wet form) or pyogranulomatous reactions occur in multiple organs (dry form) resulting in death. FIPV's are always directly genetically related to the FECoV in a given cat population, but also, it is the latter virus that spreads between cats. Can't help but wonder if similar mutation of the SARS CoV2 occurs in some people is causing the severe form of COVID19. Wonder if any genetic analysis of virus isolated from severely ill patients compared to virus from asymptomatic or mildly ill individuals has or is being done?

  23. I'm a lay person but I've been hearing about Exosome Germ Theory. Is this the same or related to Cytokine Storm idea? Possibly the idea that Viruses don't exist. Didn't Kary Mullis hint toward this concerning HIV/ AIDS? Thanks

  24. Public comments.symptoms of covid 19 micro orginism is fever above 100 deg F and cought shortness of breath and vomiting and nasal congestion and running nose and high blood pressure and muscle ache body pain and weakness. Main end up with blood Claude and loss of oxygen levels. It is important to protect your self by building your immune system and blood count and pH level and eating healthy food and drinks pure coconut water. Stay safe and exercise daily and get sleep and avoid stress.

  25. A great overview.
    Not seeing much that really works on these pts, they pretty much follow the course to the bitter end.
    I've been hearing some voices about vitamin D, how would vD meets this process, if it does at all?

  26. 2 principal targets ? 1) reduse LDL with Simvastin ….. 2) Blik the A2-receptors ( medicin for blodpresure
    Early in covid infektion .

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