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    Investment 100% per annum. Cryptocurrency mining.

    EARN ON CRYPTO TODAY: The crypto market has taken new heights, large banks and investment funds are entering the topic. How to start making money on it? Buy Bitcoin at 60k and potentially fly awayat 20-30? Buy some shit-coins and wait for them to grow 10 times or turn into a scam? Not particularly fun strategies, more like speculation. .…

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    Clubhouse: what is it and how to use the new social audio network? – Drops

    The Clubhouse is a new social network focused on audio conversations that has recently become a kind of fever. But what are the differentials of it? How to do if you want to enter? How to use resources and what are the options for interaction available? These are the questions we answered in this video. Check out! 🔥 Connect with…

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