Sunday Live: What Q1 Means for Tesla Future & Tesla Stock

Tesla delivers for Q1 2021 tell us a lot about what’s coming for Tesla’s business and Tesla stock for 2021, 2022 and on to 2025 and beyond.

This livestream follows on Warren’s initial video about Tesla Q1 deliveries and TSLA – Tesla stock:

0:00 Intro
1:28 SpaceX
4:33 Austin
7:40 Tesla
19:10 Q & A

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  1. I don't believe any single plant will generate more than a million units so each factory should be capped there when forecasting capacity. Factories can be expanded as we see in China but best to count those as new factories. Quarter of million first year capped at one million. Build a dozen factories by 2030 for capacity between 10-12 million vehicles.

  2. I think the assumption that Texas might produce any significant CT or semi product numbers before late 4Q21 is too sporty. I think the Texas CT Team needs time to produce development and production test mules and let their engineers have a few months to use and abuse them, improve their design details, and play with the product a bit more before going to scale.
    Elon did say the redesign was completed, but they still might need to validate any final design changes.
    Otherwise, you just KNOW early buyers are going to complain about any flaws and sue Tesla, and the Hate On Tesla media will have a field day.
    Let buyers wait a little longer, just to 1Q22 for their CTs.
    That’s why I look for Qtrs 3 and 4 to be roughly same as Qtr 1. That still should give us about 700,000-800,000 this year. Also Elon only indicated he expected about 50% growth. Thats 750k. That’s all I look for.

  3. Thanks Gov Newsom.
    All this is could have been in California. You drove the best companies in the world out of our state.

  4. an interview with the Gruber company would be really great !!
    they know the Tesla stuff well

  5. 2% on 200,000 is $4,000 and you say you went to college for finance??? i think i need to start ignoring your evaluations…

  6. Elon will continue working on transitioning the world to sustainability even after autonomous robotaxies, I disagree that he would leave Tesla.

  7. Warren!!!! Have you seen the CYBERLANDR for the CYBERTRUCK?!!! Game changer! Sandy Munro lives it!

  8. Austin's real estate in the past year has increased dramatically!! Unfortunately I can't move there for another 2.5 years at the earliest.

  9. Hey warren I live in Austin and I'm a drone pilot that flies at GigaTexas and I know a good friend of mine that owns multiple teslas and owned a Tesla Limo Company – because you can serve alcohol with a limo license – it was executive Uber and Lyft with TESLAS basically – we need to do a show together

  10. "And today's forecasts for Starbase Texas, morning fog followed by scattered rocket showers…"

  11. There is a plant based meat company out of Canada that will have a factory in California up and running this summer called… The very good food company
    I have ordered their products online before and they are IMO way better tasting ( and healthier) than beyond meat

    Anyways have become a big fan of you channel over the last 6 months, thanks for the good content!

  12. Who is pulling Tesla’s stock down? Tesla stock is worth $2500 as you said.

  13. 500 pound reduction from single casting & structural battery/reduced battery size is too optimistic. Body in White (BiW) is only 25% of a GAS vehicle's weight meaning only 750 pounds total on a 3000 pound vehicle. That's light enough that 4 guys could lift one up. It's even a lower proportion on a battery vehicle. Single casting's main benefit isn't weight loss, since welding overlap is slight. The main advantage is NOT welding and producing fewer parts with fewer individual stamping machines. That saves time and frees up robots (and people) for other things. Structural battery is about space saving, cost saving, rigidity and a SOME weight reduction, but not 500 pounds.

  14. VHS won against beta max. But beta max was better. Etron Audi saloon adverts are good. Not always the best wins

  15. Housing is very labor intensive, applying first principles
    Would imply diminishing labor usage.

  16. Thank you for your analysis. Always very good! May I propose for your consideration 3 reasons why the robotaxi program will be less successful than expected. First, robotaxis are inconvenient. Why chose between waiting 5min, 10min or 20mins for a robotaxi when you can hop in the car in your driveway. In brief robotaxis will work only in limited situations especially in my area. Second, if you spend your 10k to 12k miles per year in a robotaxi are you willing to accept spending $10k to $20k per year with nothing to show for it when everyone follows the third reason. Third, the social uniform of the 18-34 demographic group is a partner, a dog, maybe a baby and an SUV. Robotaxis are no where in the picture. Please let's start a discussion on robotaxis and especially in areas outside metropolitan areas. Thanks so much!

  17. Hey Warren I have not heard much about the demand forecast of 850 to 1M cars? I see a lot of vids and comments about operational capacity increasing.Is there demand for that many vehicles? LT investor

  18. And whaut about Robo Semi. Is there any point when Tesla will stop sell Semi and established own fleet of Semi??? That would also make sense.

  19. wouldn't be surprised if 90%+ of cybertruck reservations are refunded and don't result in sales.

  20. No thank you Warren, I don't have two hours and twenty six minutes for you. Whatever you are saying don't have to take that long.

  21. You criticize Bernie Sanders for his employment career and you made a living by putting drunk drivers back on the road! Fuck you.

  22. Your time spent as a NY lawyer has served you well. Your ability to not allow insults thrown your way impact you is admirable. I am envious.

  23. The question of factories is a good one. How many gigafactories does Tesla plan to build in total?

  24. Volkswagen is not in competition with Tesla. Volkswagen is in competition with its own ice cars. The same with the rest of the ice makers. They are waging war on their self.

  25. In the C programming language, x++ simply means, “Add 1 to x.” Or, “Increment x”.

  26. Man that my exact idea for housing. I thought about it for the longest time, it's not LCDs it's light tubes!

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