STOP 🛑 GETTING STUCK: Golf Swing drills to help you get unstuck in your downswing.

If you struggle making solid contact, it might come down to getting ‘stuck’ in your golf swing. VP of Instruction, Nick Clearwater, defines what ‘getting stuck’ really means and the different ways this can impact golfers- from the pro-level to amateurs. Nick also shares a couple of drills to improve your downswing which will help you avoid getting stuck and improve your overall contact.
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0:14 Defining getting stuck
0:40 Common issue 1- Swing Direction too far to the right
3:48 Common issue 2- Hands get too far out in front
5:37 Common issue 3- Lead arm staying the same angle throughout swing
7:04 Fixing the issue .


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  1. Be respectful dont do anything that to other people or things that you don't want to be done.

  2. I really didn't take advantage of my coach, dad or local courses. I wonder why I wasn't more serious about privacy because being private helps you as a golfer

  3. Don't talk to others about golf. Make your own decisions on how you are gonna win games.

  4. Great definition of getting stuck and different possible solutions (four of them) on how to get unstuck seldom talked about elsewhere. Very helpful for those like myself who had no idea they had a problem of being stuck until I analyzed my swing using the criteria you set out for getting stuck. Certainly has improved my ball striking.

  5. Way too complicated and contrary to what my Golftec coach has instructed me to do. Thanks, though!

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