StockFam LIVE | Peak Fintech FY2020 Earnings & Future Outlook

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  1. Sunday Night Live 5/2/21 with Hammy and Sean $PKK $PKKFF Peak Financials

    0:58 Corporate structure, Q4 client adoption, and scale potential

    6:33 Jinxiaoer loan broker platform, special advisor for RMB, and Zhongke Software

    12:21 Investor outreach, institutional investor, and reducing consulting fees

    15:22 Revenue growth at 4x, profitability, and cost of growth

    22:07 No long-term debt, partnerships, client growth potential of 10x, and expansion to NA

    28:29 Peak advantage related to Chinese companies listing on exchanges being difficult

    32:23 Outlook for 2021 summary—Peak’s true potential—gather, analyze and monetize data

    35:44 Closer look at financials table and year-over-year comparison

    40:02 Outlook into 2021 and 2022

    42:36 Current market opportunities and technology sector

    44:02 Valuation process and risk premium of China businesses

    Viewer Questions…

    48:47 Does 10x customers translate to 10x revenue?

    49:28 Powerbands Solutions growth story $PBX $PWWBF

    51:40 Revenue growth quarter-over-quarter

    52:46 Peak city expansions, platform moat, and revenue increase

    59:41 JJ (CEO of Peak) availability to shareholders and bought offering regulations

    1:00:55 Peak’s growth and expansion for 2022 and Sean’s excitement

    1:03:16 NASDAQ listing application update and Canadian financial reporting

    1:05:02 Closing

  2. You hyped me up so much with the presentation, yet the stock dropped. People are expecting the pp close and Nasdaq listing, results seem they were already factored in the sp, even future projections. Bought more shares today nonetheless.

  3. Love when you go through the actual financials released by a company…very educational and offers something different than what you see done on other videos.

  4. Very informative, guys. So much good news there for PKKFF investors. Thanks

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