Social media app Parler goes dark as Amazon, Apple and Google pull support

Parler, a largely unmoderated social network popular among America’s far-right movement, went dark on Monday as Amazon Web Services revoked its hosting. The platform is believed to have played a pivotal role in inciting last week’s storming of the US Capitol. Amazon’s move follows similar decisions by Google and Apple to remove Parler from their app stores. Also, China hits back at the US over the de-listing of Chinese telecoms shares and the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show goes online amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

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  1. Google search "Twitter stock" and you'll see the company is now history. 89 million Trump followers are now deleting their twitter accounts and their stock is plunging. Financial experts are saying twitter is heading for bankruptcy. Just a few days ago hundreds of twitter employees were cheering the removal of Trump, but I wonder if they're cheering now? They're getting ready to be unemployed. Facebook is next. Lets take these commie rats down. If the government won't repeal section 230 and allow us to sue them for violation of our free speech rights, then we'll boycott them out of business. I don't care what political party you belong to, you should be joining us and stand against these commie rats and their censorship.

  2. An issue with shutting down Parlor discussed is that for the first 13 Congress rioting people questioned said they coordinated their activities on Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. That suggests perhaps some additional liability for the big tech firms involved not doing their proper due diligence . Can you say collusion to anti trust?

  3. So China….just like Hong Kong. Welcome to the new kind of communism. Steve Jobs would be disappointed.

  4. Thank you YouTube for making my point, and showing people that Google is part of the Censorship Mafia, as well! If not in charge of everything!

    It up to the people now, to take back the power they gave you in the first place, and you will remain with the robots that you empower! BTW … i made an internet searching engine … in high-school, more than 20 years ago.

  5. They need to break up Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook, Uber, Lyft, and Walmart and All cable companies into smaller companies, they hold far too much power.

  6. Right-wingers have weaponized the 1st amendment and are using it to bring down American democracy and replace it with a tyrannical , racist, Christian theocracy. And they are using lies and conspiracy theories to do this on venues like Parler. If YOU are okay with this, then YOU are part of the threat to our republic. We are at war right now with white nationalist domestic terrorism. It is time for every citizen and company to pick a side. Amazon picked the side of preserving our republic and the US Constitution. Good for them.

  7. When will twitter be called left wing??
    Or perhaps hateful and full of disinformation?
    Anyone with a brain knows thats a fact, except leftwing nutcase in the cult of color and victimhood

  8. Shame on the US tech companies to make US like China's censorship. For the first time, I feel me as a Taiwanese should be really proud of our democracy. Smooth election, full freedom of speech, liberal society, self-restraint citizens, and resilience to massive fake news attacks and pressures from the most authoritarian regime on the planet. Even the COVID attack we still manage to survive with our democracy.

  9. I don't remember Facebook or Twitter being censored or the apps dropped when they played a role in the lies that caused the riots and looting in Minneapolis Minnesota in August

  10. Big tech becoming Big Brother right in front our eyes and so many idiots are just too dumb and stupid to see the danger of having SPEECH Overlords. This is akin to having an authoritarian government.

  11. This is the beginning of social anarchy from big tech. Our freedoms are going to start being stripped more and more during 2021. Marshall Law will be in effect before the end of the trump presidency..

  12. We are on the brink of a world where free speech and technology will never be allowed to intersect.

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