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SMS Filter with Material Design (Full Applications)

SMS Filter is an Android app that categorizes incoming messages so that to be viewed according to their importance. You can also get rid of unwanted messages. This app filters SMSs by using user defined filters. Companies usually send messages in a specific format like ‘CompanyName: Adv:’ for an advertisement message or ‘CompanyName: Job:’ for a job related message. Therefore we are using three types of filters, ‘Starts With’ (if a message starts with the specified text), ‘Ends With’ (if a message ends with the specified text) and ‘Contains’ (if a message contains the specified text). If one of these criteria matches then it will be added to a category specified by the user. It also allows you to add an SMS to a category received from a sender without specifying the filter text i.e. you can define the filter as thus: If a message is received from +923331112288 then add it to ‘Best Friend’ category. You can also specify whether a notification should be displayed when an incoming message is added to a category.

Demo APK:

Demo APK can be downloaded from the following location:
Enter complete sender number (e.g. +923331111111) for cell# while defining a filter in the ‘Filter Details’ screen.


  1. You can filter messages by specifying sender.
  2. You can filter messages by specifying sender as well as filter text.
  3. You can filter messages by specifying filter text (without specifying sender).
  4. You can specify filter type (Starts With, Ends With, Contains) when filtering messages by filter text.
  5. You can create your own categories as well as modify/delete built-in categories.
  6. You can specify to discard/delete the message from inbox (the default Messaging app) when a message is
    added to a category (not supported in Android 4.4+ but works in earlier versions).
  7. You can specify to display a notification when a message is added to a category.
  8. You can delete messages individually or all at once from a category.
  9. Unread messages count is displayed in the categories list.
  10. Source code has been provided (Android Studio + Eclipse projects).
  11. Using SQLite database for storage.
  12. Material design applied.
  13. Used the design support library (RecyclerView, CardView, FloatingActionButton, Toolbar etc.).
  14. It can also be used as a template for other apps where you need material design.
  15. Source code has been documented.
  16. Comments have been added for explaining the source code.
  17. Proper java coding/naming conventions followed.
  18. Java code has been divided in proper layers.

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