Pfizer To Apply For Emergency Use For Its Covid-19 Vaccine‌ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Pfizer announced it will submit an application to the Food and Drug Administration Friday for an emergency use authorization for its experimental Covid-19 vaccine. Dr. Scott Gottlieb joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 11/20/2020.
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Pfizer To Apply For Emergency Use For Its Covid-19 Vaccine‌ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


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  1. Funny how Pfizer, GSK, Johnson& Johnson keep paying billions in fines around the world for illegal activities yet no one goes to jail and the show goes on.

  2. Scientist: The earth exists and that is final.
    Einstein: Hold my E=mc². (Alcohol free beer.)

    Or stop ruling out intelligence.

    “Now we would separate because God wants to no less.” – BS free as you want, and bear the freedom of others

  3. They will want you to take a vaccine…. Do your research!
    While the reasons for a desire to bring a Covid-19 vaccine to market as quickly as possible are all too clear, great care must be taken to ensure that the vaccines are safe (Report, August 31). It is 65 years since a “wonder drug” as a palliative to morning sickness in pregnant women was brought to the market, first in Germany where Grünenthal manufactured Contergan, and then in the UK where it was known principally as Thalidomide. The drug was not properly tested in Germany, and was not tested at all in the UK. Just look at the horrendous results — many thousands of teratogenic foetuses and live births. Lives and families were destroyed. Only the insistence of the late Dr Frances Kelsey at the US Food and Drug Administration that there had to be evidence of the safety of Thalidomide before approving it for sale prevented a catastrophe in that country. A disaster must not be born out of a mad rush for a Covid vaccine. JML Stone Honorary Advisor (retired) to the National Advisory Council of the Thalidomide Trust London W1, UK

  4. #1 in the world !!! 250,000 DEAD and almost as many lies from Trump – Can the USA afford to wait for a regulated Trump departure – or does he need to be gone now ? Do the right thing – the life you save may be your own or that of someone close to you!

  5. Please give to ALL Nurse's & Doctor's working the frontlines in all Hospitals. & Senior Homes.
    none to GOP. or President Crazy Dumpty.

  6. Why have they named it after their partner company ‘BioNTech’?
    Is there technology in this vaccine?
    Will they be injecting some kind of new nanotechnology into the population?

  7. Who will be the first to get COVID-19 vaccines? The best strategy is giving the vaccine to people who do not wear masks first. That will reduce the spread in the community. People wearing masks will be last

  8. AND WHO is at fault for getting and spreading COVID?? Wouldn’t that be the person running around without a mask, in groups?? Maybe you would like Trump to do what they did in China, mandatory countrywide lockdown that, if violated, they lock you in your home?? ONLY IDIOTS DO NOT KNOW that decisions are made at the state level concerning COVID, NOT at the Federal level!! The President CANNOT force ANYTHING!! AND ONLY IDIOTS/HATERS blame The President for COVID cases!! Think For Yourselves, IF YOU STILL CAN!!

  9. Operation ‘Warp Speed’ has Pfizer filing for FDA approval TODAY!! This is THE FASTEST development of a vaccine BY FAR EVER in the history of the United States!! Credit the scientists and the drug companies working together to come up with this solution and President Trump for paving the regulatory way!! I know, you DO NOT care and DO NOT want ANYTHING to do with taking a vaccine because YOU HATE Trump!!! VERY INTELLIGENT!!!

  10. Joe Biden is not the president elect. The AP has no authority to elect a president. Congress and only Congress has the authority to elect a president in Article Two, Section 1, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution and the 12th Amendment.
    In congress each state has one vote; Oregon has one vote, South Carolina has one vote and there are 34 republican states and 18 democrat states.
    Cipher Joe Biden is foaming in the mouth to be the president, but Trump will be re-elected !

  11. How long does it last. They fail us on the test failure rate and you want to use the innocent older for ur gina pigs

  12. stop saying pfizers vaccine. Its by Biontech, a german company! Wtf? It was developed in Mainz Germany, not the US. Pfizer only supported with money.! Thanks

  13. That's WAY too slow! China's been vaccinating for weeks now, if not months. THe elderly in nursing homes should have been given this a month ago! Should have been done as a "trial" if it was too early for emergency use. American still isn't grasping how bad this winter's going to get is it! We've seen winter with this virus in teh Southern Hemisphere & have been screaming at you all since we went into winter that you needed to use the summer to eliminate this before you were hit by a conid winter! You also need to be in full lockdown now, PAYING people to stay home so it actually works!


  15. any drug they put out there concerning this pandemic better be approved and 100% safe. Common Sense tells you there could be problems if it isn't.

  16. And God forbid to all you trumpers
    If you live in New York he does or want you to get is soon. See he is mad at Cuomo and others so even his Republican voters will be punished. You see how much he really cares? A president us supposed to be for the American people but not Trump. He only cares if you agree with him 100%. Can't even remotely disagree.

  17. Joe Biden, October 2020, "we're in a situation where we have put together I think, the most EXTENSIVE and INCLUSIVE VOTER FRAUD ORGANIZATION in the history of American politics". Does this look Presidential to You?

  18. Well I don't really think I need a vaccine for covid-19 because it's not really that much of a risk when you look at it. 255000 deaths is only .07% of the United States population. Doesn't sound too scary to me.

  19. they talks like every one wants the vaccine……….are they trying to play Reverse psychology….???????????????

  20. Notice how he said this could threaten us again going into the Fall of 2021, potentially. Yet, science might be able to step in on our behalf by way of these vaccines. Science, people. Science!

  21. After the hard work of the scientists,the generosity and dedication of philanthropists((GAVI Alliance).The vaccine is not approved YET!?

  22. Random, average comment to this: The vaccine is scary. Those that produced it probably try to murder everyone that will use it (as if they'll get much cash by that). The virus/symptoms/facemasks/science/anyone that disagree with tRump,/democracy/voting/Twitter/science/media/immigrants/african-Americans/Anti-Fascists ETC. ETC. ETC. IS "ALL A HOAX"

  23. BioNTech in Germany was crucial to developing the vaccine largely through the efforts of two scientists originally from Turkey! Another example of horrible immigration policies.

  24. ill take the vaccine. im tired of worrying about lockdowns, getting infected or seeing others get infected.

  25. The worst and most disgusting president in America's history has been fired by American citizens.

  26. Thank god.i know these scientists have been working very hard for quite a long time..awsome people..

  27. Wait, I thought that they didn't know how long a vaccine would keep you immune? I heard different accounts that it may only be months?? am I wrong? Also, they don't even know yet what will be the long term reactions to these vaccines that have never been used on humans before as being rushed out,,,,,possibly for a political agenda??

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