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  1. Nas is the best he educated u on history with deep meaning it was like he was a teacher on the mic a philosopher. Biggie had the club bangers tho to mix with street shit

  2. TUPAC OVER EVERY FUCKIN BODY! They really trying to make people forget about Pac I swear smh

  3. So what about big L i don't think lyrically jay z or nas or biggie would be able to fuck with him

  4. Biggie had song's like me and my bitch and suicidal thoughts! I actually think it was written was better than illmatic

  5. These dudes is bugging Nas even said it his self he didn’t take it serious,don’t act like he didn’t want to have commercial success he didn’t really know the business at the time ,he said out his own mouth JZ is really the only nigga that took it serious.

  6. I used to have Nas as #1 but decades later the amount of shit Big said that went over my head amazes me to the point i got him as the GOAT as nice as Nas is…. i spit phrases that'll thrill you

  7. Biggie a better story teller than Nas ????? Mannnn gtfoh! Rewind, Undying Love, Get down, Mastermind, shootouts, Blue Benz, Last real N alive…. one love, dude? Knock that shit off…

  8. To me as a youngster, Illmatic is a classic however not better than Reasonable doubt and Ready to Die.

    Now I know old heads will @me, but listen. If an album is a great body of work then it should pull the next generation. On my side I pull more towards those 2 bodies of work compared to Illmatic.

    Whether impact or not, body of work wise them 2 is too much.

  9. skill is skill but i guess that only goes for the best not the greatest impact is cool appreciation but impact or not skill got a be there to judge it so it sounds like oh i can understand and live it but niggas aint talking about bars

  10. people said first almub who was best then they skip album and say impact but did anyone listen to that pay attention to that

  11. biggie said nas career was short like leprachauns after 6 months of nas being king Biggie was the self proclaimed king of New York

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