Nimiq 2.0 Albatross Tech Update

The latest update on developments towards Nimiq 2.0. Details on the new Nano sync, zkSNARKs, Tendermint, upcoming Testnet, Checkpoint blocks, Nano nodes and browser clients, security audits and the bug bounty program, roadmap update, open-source contributions,
Albatross Demo:

DISCLAIMER: Timelines and roadmap details mentioned in our vlogs are subject to change. Please look for our official communication on and subscribe to our update emailers. There is a lag on uploads. This video is not an endorsement or recommendation for Nimiq, any cryptocurrency, or investment product. Neither the information, nor any opinion contained in this video constitutes a solicitation or offer by the creators or participants to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments or provide any investment advice or service.

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  1. Gracias por siempre estar desarrollando mejoras para nimiq….. nimiq es lo mejor !!!!!!!

  2. I can't wait for the Oasis that's coming out really soon – that's gonna open up a lot of doors to Defi!

  3. Great to see! May we also expect an update soon on Nimiq's marketing strategy/possible partnerships etc?

  4. in the browser wallet at the bottom is "Bitcoin – Coming Soon" grayed out – what will this be?

  5. I love that you guys do the best to inform the community, i cant get developer AMA with eth or anything. Really great job guys.

  6. It's amazing to see Team Nimiq creating new tech and cutting-edge research.Albatross is going to be amazing. Keep on building. Nimiq 2.0 here we go!

  7. Thank you for this meaningful and solid update! Great project, good to see the depth of it and quality of people.

  8. I love NIMIQ team. I am looking to work for a blockchain project so if you guys are hiring I am definitely interested. My step-father is the founder and CEO of RCHAIN (REV)

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