Nightingale hospitals put on standby as COVID-19 patient numbers rise

Nightingale hospitals across England are being “readied” for use if needed as COVID-19 patient numbers rise.

The NHS in London has been asked to make sure the Excel centre site is “reactivated and ready to admit patients” as hospitals in the capital struggle.

Other Nightingale hospital sites across England include Manchester, Bristol, Sunderland, Harrogate, Exeter and Birmingham.

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  1. Nightingale hospital is starting to be taken down, the hospitals are all empty!!!

    People recording hosp then getting arrested, seems legit..

    Such a bare faced lie… Its unbelievable how some people are buying this

  2. Doc: '' Were short staffed…'' Staff: ''One moment were working on our TikTok routines be right there!"

  3. Truly said about NHS that — We in in this together — together in this scamdemic.

  4. Can't understand how people were told to go out and eat and that was OK but now we are not allowed to go for a meal? They are playing psychological mind games with us all. Keep strong in your minds and let them get fed up of the games they are not winning.

  5. If coronavirus vaccine is reliable and safe why should the recipient sign a consent form???

  6. It's my cordially feelings that's, trump wasn't president of USA, actually Jared kusner was president of USA. So middle east broken it's unity,(GCC countries attend summit with broken minds because of Israeli activity)

  7. Imagine if we had the same digital access in 2003, we could have seen Tony Blair and MSM's lies then too!

  8. Bollox…all hospitals are empty now and has been proven true by countless people and this has been the case all year…..the knightingale will never have anyone in it apart from people who dont want the poison vaccine and get forceably put in a quarentine camp , thats what its for and there is many more like it .

  9. the same one that was on standby in march ?? but not enough people died so it wasnt used ? that one ? what about the fact every hospital in the UK is almost deserted? a woman was arrested for posting a video showing an empty hospital hahahaha games over

  10. "Especially in those who mixed over Christmas" what they're saying is blame those people. Disgusting.

  11. Stop lying, the hospitals are barely at capacity, the figures are lower than previous years. Your done sky news, your on my list and I’ve had enough. West London I’ll be there soon.

  12. they have spent enough money on ferlow to pay for the NHS 10 times over, and if everything they had said was true they would have bilt 3 times as meny hospitals as there are now and had a mass rally for people to become doctors and nurses but they have not so its just another cash grab, a little diffrent from the black riders scam from the spanish war but the end result will be the same

  13. The NHS are lazy and liaring to deal with the CORONAVIRUS between February or March!!!!!!

  14. how can they be on standby most have nothing in them any more..and nhs hasnt got the staff to man them so how is that going to work if the beds and equipment is put back into many millions was spent on these big white elephants as it puts the dome in london look like small play

  15. Wonder what happened to all the 30000 ventilators that were made earlier in the year? Just odd because I read the latest fear propaganda saying that hospitals are now having to decide who gets a ventilator or not.

  16. “Virusomania” authors, journalist Torsten Engelbrecht and internal medicine doctor Claus Kohnlein show that these putative infectious viruses are, in fact, particles produced by the cells themselves due to certain stressors (incl. such as drugs). WAKE UP, HUMANS! VIRUSES IS NOT EXIST! HONEST DOCTORS SAY THAT, THEY ARE EVEN NOT SURE ITS EXIST! ALL THEY HAVE ITS A 3D COMPUTER MODULE TO INTIMIDATE HUMANSE, TO FORCE being VACCINATED NOT APPROVED CRAP FOR CONTROL AND PROFIT OF BIG PHARMA! SEARCH, LEARN, ANALIZE ALL INFORMATION YOURSELF! DONT BE LAZY, DONT BE A SHEEP!


  18. More bollocks. Only one went in there last year. Resist, defy, do not comply. Lies lies lies

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