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Monkey Business (Unity 5.3.5) (Mobile)

This is a Unity version of the game, made in version 5.3.5. Version 5.3.6, which was the latest version during the make of the game in 5.3.x branch, is having a serious bug. Game is programmed in C# and is made for mobiles, but it works on all other dozens of deploy-able platforms in the exact same way. The controls are made for touch devices and also the mouse and other point and click controllers.

Features highlight:

  • Made with Unity 5 (v5.3.5)
  • Can be deployed to dozens of various platforms
  • Easy to re-skin (only 24 images and this includes buttons and parts not directly related to the gameplay)
  • All project files and source code included (C#)
  • Highest score supported through local persistent storage
  • Save game supported through local persistent storage
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Android 2.3.1 or higher
  • iOS 6.0 or higher

It’s a game with monkeys and bananas, an arcade casual action game that is ideal for everyone’s spare time. Player needs to move monkey to prevent bananas from falling into the water until they reach the monkey on the right side. The game becomes gradually harder and requires player to quickly slide or tap from one position to another and to fast think and react.

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