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Mini Bots PHP Class Download

PROBLEM: at this second (08/26/2019) Instagram strategies to get footage of a consumer NO LONGER works.

This PHP class (additionally referred to as minibots) is a rising assortment of small spiders and internet bot that exit on the net and make some small helpful jobs.


Truly the mini bots can do these issues:

  1. Copy a distant url to your native server: copyFile
  2. Get IP handle of the consumer: getIP
  3. Get geographic informations from IP handle: ipToGeo
  4. Get spelling for a phrase utilizing Google: doSpelling
  5. Make a Tiny URL utilizing tiny url service: doShortURL
  6. Decode a brief URL of any service: doShortURLDecode
  7. Examine if an URL to an mp3 is basically an mp3 file: checkMp3
  8. Examine if an URL exists: url_exists
  9. Do SMTP electronic mail validation: doSMTPValidation
  10. Get infos of an URL (key phrases, title, photos, description, favicon…): getUrlInfo
  11. Get infos of a VIDEO URL (title, description, thumb for youtube and vimeo providers, for youtube additionally view depend): getVideoUrlInfo
  12. Learn fb counters (with app id and secret) for likes, shares, feedback, clicks…: readFacebookCounters
  13. Learn fb fan web page counters with out fb developer app: readFacebookPageCounters
  14. Learn the numbers of time a URL has been twitted: readTwitterCounter
  15. Learn Google +1s counter for an URL: readGooglePlusCounter
  16. Get Google advised key phrases for a key phrase: googleSuggestKeywords
  17. Get Latitude and Longitude (georeference) from an handle: getLatLong
  18. Get Wikipedia definition Picture and GPS coordinates: wikiDefinition
  19. Get Vimeo Information on a video: getVimeoInfo
  20. Get alternate charges, forex converter: getExchangeRateFromTo
  21. Ship push notification on android, ios and home windows telephone units with Notify My System app: notifyMyDevice
  22. Ship push notification on ios and android units with Pushover app: notifyPushover
  23. Ping pingomatic providers: pingomatic
  24. Get photos from a key phrase from Picsearch: getImage
  25. Get photos at full measurement from a key phrase from Picsearch: getImageBig
  26. Get small photos from a key phrase from Google: getImageGoogle
  27. Get final photos (NOT all) and consumer information from Instagram: getInstagramPics
  28. Get detailed informations from an Instagram picture url: getInstagramPic
  29. Get final instagram pics by hashtag (NOT all the photographs) : getInstagramPicsByTag
  30. Get instagram followers depend: getInstagramFollowers
  31. Get twitter consumer information (followers/followings/avatar): twitterInfo
  32. Get a web page, discover hyperlinks, discover emails… and extra strategies for spidering.
  33. Get gravatar picture from electronic mail handle: getGravatar
  34. Get Linkedin counter: getLinkedinCounter
  35. Get Pinterest counter: getPinterestCounter

Future updates will deliver new mini bots for you!
To completely work want cURL module put in in your server.

You’ll be able to play with some strategies on this interactive demo or test the entire test demo (similar as dwell DOWNLOAD button).


Listed below are some on-line instruments made with this class:

instagram send images in email

easy georeference with php

email validation smtp email validator online

Historical past

v 3.42 - up to date twitter information bot
v 3.46 - 12/JUNE/2015 up to date instagram, new technique getInstagramFollowers, new technique notifyPushover
v 3.47 - 01/JULY/2015 up to date getLatLong technique
v 3.48 - 28/SEPTEMBER/2015 up to date Instagram strategies
v 3.49 - 06/NOVEMBER/2015 getPage, getUrlInfo improved and minor bugs
v 3.51 - 17/NOVEMBER/2015 mounted twitterInfo, added wikipedia picture to wikiDefinition, doGeoIp repair, small bug attr technique mounted, higher https deal with
v 3.52 - 04/JANUARY/2016 mounted twitterInfo drawback with spanish language
v 3.55 - 15/APRIL/2016 added getInstagramPicsByTag
v 3.56 - 30/SEPTEMBER/2016 modified strategies for Twitter counters, for fb counters, added information in getUrlInfo for Amazon costs, mounted documentation
v 3.58 - 13/OCTOBER/2016 - added help for personal twitter account
v 3.59 - 08/NOVEMBER/2016 eliminated two strategies from Google not obtainable, sorry getGoogleBackLinks and getGoogleIndexedPages
v 3.60 27/DECEMBER/2016 - added technique readFacebookPageCounters, higher parameter on the high of the category to modify between file_get_content and cUrl, up to date docs
v 3.61 17/FEBRUARY/2017 - added whole depend of photos in getInstragramPics technique
v 3.62 mounted https in wikiDefinition name
v 3.63 mounted following depend in twitterInfo technique
v 3.64 06/APRIL/2017 - mounted shortUrlDecode, added GPS coordinates in wikipedia definition (if obtainable)
v 3.65 and v.3.66 18/APRIL/2017 - mounted GetInstagramPic
v 3.67 26/APRIL/2017 - added getImageBig technique
v 3.68 05/MAY/2017 - mounted twitterInfo
v. 3.71 22/NOVEMBER/2017- mounted readFacebookPageCounters, addedd feedback depend in instagram strategies
v. 3.72 16/JANUARY/2018- up to date instagram strategies
v. 3.74 19/MARCH/2018 and APRIL - up to date instagram consumer pics technique and getInstagramFollowers
v. 3.76 05/11/2018 - mounted drawback with encoding in googleSuggestKeywords technique
v. 3.77 03/01/2019 - added youtube view depend in getVideoUrlInfo technique
v. 3.78 04/01/2019 - mounted ipToGeo, mounted readFacebookPageCounters, mounted doSpelling


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