Matt Hancock gives details of NHS contact tracing app at COVID-19 daily briefing

Matt Hancock and government officials hold COVID-19 daily briefing.

MATT Hancock today urged people on the Isle of Wight to download a new app to track and trace coronavirus – as he vowed they would lead the way in the fight against the killer bug.
The Health Secretary confirmed that the pilot of the NHS app to track people with the bug would go live tomorrow for healthcare workers.

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Matt Hancock hails new NHS virus app to go into pilot TOMORROW and ‘where Isle of Wight goes, Britain will follow’

What is the contact tracing app, and how do I download it?

England’s excess death rate ‘is highest in Europe amid coronavirus crisis’, WHO reveals

UK coronavirus death toll hits 28,734 as 288 more people die but it’s the lowest rise for five weeks

Coronavirus masks being stockpiled for public, Ben Wallace admits

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  1. Government (noun):
    An authoritarian gang that enforces its whim on society via threats of kidnapping and violence, feeding itself through an extortion racket (taxation).

  2. Matt Hancock accepted £32,000 bung from anti NHS company , can anyone explain this , The Sun maybe?

  3. Ben Warner was the kid who modelled and masterminded both the 'vote leave' and 2019 tory General election victory for Cummings
    No sooner was Cummings in number 10 an NHS contract worth 250 million pounds was awarded to Ben's brother marc via there company 'faculty'
    Ben now sits on the SAGE pandemic response comitte, while brother Marc has now been awarded the contract for the NHS tracking app and has access to our entire health data aswell as modelling the pandemic

  4. What Is It Now Every Country Is Going To Pin All This Crap Onto USA Because The BBC And Sky News Says So In The First Place. Don't Lie BBC And Sky News. US Secretary Of State Mike Pompeo Claims It Was Originated In A Chinese Lab Which It Is True And The Chinese Started This Virus In The First Place. I Saw It On The News So Don't Lie.

  5. Once in a lifetime excuse and opportunity to chip/ tag the population like a flock of dumb sheep. Oh but it's for the NHS…. Baaa humbug!

  6. Time to do the right thing for the first time since taking the job …
    Time to resign and forefit your pension and let someone more credible and intelligent take over .

  7. Good idea to be able to track the infected we dont want another 28 days later happing can we track all the government now so we know if your at work or just tossing it off at home with the wife or mistress

  8. Download and be tracked forever. Anonymous? Are you kidding? You forget government has lied to us so much, anybody with a brain and memory doesn’t trust you anymore. Close the airports or test new people arriving and we might be convinced, but luckily too late.

  9. When citizens praise governments for putting their own citizens under house arrest?
    You know the world has gone insane……..

  10. Not liking the choice of words! Hunt down, army, targeted. Nhs staff first cause they've been blackmailed into it.

  11. Please stop wasting time on a tracing App and leave that to the Security Services who know how to do the job properly …

  12. Lower on the weekend wtf like people stop catching it bruh you said it doesn’t show untill seven days make no senseee

  13. pre planned fake owg coup satan inc uk rothschilds illegal – reptilian – patent uk – pre planned – 1776 – owg nwo – satan ic – fake boris liars for lucifer cosmic laws all broken 1999 all treaties ended – fake govs uk ever since – treason traitors police state coup – coup- 5g is death vax is 5gbiochip soul spirit death – AI god ! War n man LIAR MHncock is known child satanist – EVIL – He worships SATAN

  14. Your actually relying on people to download this app?

    Thankfully after a while lots have people have now clocked on that something is seriously odd about all this.

    Shove your app where the sun don’t shine.

  15. In weeks to come they will be saying we need to be chipped to keep track of the virus. The virus is more contagious than the flu however death rate is about the same lvl. Social distancing is not to stop the spread but to test there tracking system. With tracking systems u need to be at least 5ft apart to track u individually if u closer they cannot tell how many are together

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