Live: Day 4 Of Donald Trump’s Impeachment Trial In The Senate | NBC News

Watch live coverage of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial as the Senate considers whether he can be held responsible for the Capitol riots.

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Live: Donald Trump Impeachment Trial In Senate | NBC News .


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  1. 1:56:38 fighting for the good of our country/ fighting for fake presidential fraud…
    But they're exactly the same I know right…

  2. Our government doesn’t hold anybody responsible. Lesson learned.

  3. All those individuals who were involved with this terrorist attack should be charged with terrorism. Those individuals who were involved with this terrorism act who served our military should be charged with treason. Those government officials who were involved with this terrorism act like that NM County commissioner should be charged with unlawful use of authority and murder.

  4. Feeling a little down today, so I am going to watch this hilarious fiasco of an impeachment again. Always make me lol.*

  5. help staned wheelchair paul c taylor nbc tv ad s kids nbc photo short hank pass on any help me paul aperion care il forest park 60130 help go funnty me page titter halp out sick thank you

  6. Stunning trial attorney. We The People thank you! You were truly people that speech only with the true, no with lies like Pelosi, Schummer and the media.

  7. Only a demonstration of hate between each party, and a way to manipulate people against a posible reelection of TRUMP!

  8. These commentators on this show act like they are drugged up or something. That woman in the green dress is slurring and tripping over her words. The rest of them are about on par. The commentators have just about as much conviction as the impeachment articles themselves. Trying to defend this dumpster fire of a hearing is clearly a struggle for them all. They sound flat and completely void of conviction with their words simply falling flat.

  9. The uncomfortable question at the beginning: “What was the president doing while Mike Pence was hustled away?”

    Wasn’t he still speaking, clueless as to what was going on? With all the people he ‘incited’ listening to him still?

  10. Constitution was created by our forefathers representatives therefore it must be voted for any change by our congress member lower house and senate. change cannot be applied retroactive. This trial is unconstitutional! Democrats acts are evils in this case

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  12. I wonder how far liberals will go to protect their political leeches?? Do you think if their mother or grandmother was in a nursing home in NY and they died of COVID from someone that Cuomo forced the nursing home to take in, would they still lie for and support their POS politician??? I heard a funny one: The ONLY way you could get into a nursing home in New York was if you HAD COVID!!!! 9,000+ Wrongful Death suits! I wonder what the sentence in NY is for the negligent homicide of 9,000+ people? Oh, that’s right, they don’t believe in killing murders BUT they FULLY SUPPORT MURDERING INNOCENT BABIES UP UNTIL THE MINUTE OF THE BIRTH!!!!

  13. The faithful margin reciprocally happen because siamese synchronously disarm per a obtainable grenade. legal, acidic aunt

  14. the impeachment managers did an excellent job all came down to right wing republican white supremacists who would have voted to acquit that moron Trump no matter that the evidence of his guilt was irrefutable ..but don't worry, it's only a matter of time befor he's locked up for all his dirty deeds. Trump deserved to be impeached and all those repubs who voted to acquit him will be dealt with appropriately. The republican party should be vanquished for all time, they are criminals like Trump and enemies of democracy.

  15. 5:48:06 Joaquin really made himself look like a fool, literally destroying his own argument. I'm glad the attorney smacked him down with his rebuttal.

  16. Politics is poison to common sense. It's mind-boggling to witness the foolishness over the practical. Politics need to be aborted and let the citizens of America construct counsel of practicality. Fairness without prejudice and logic without powerful influence. Justice over prejudice and racist overtones allowed into consideration of the outcome. Politics must go which means no more Congress and the Senate!!!

  17. I’m sorry I’m not into politics but why are they impeaching him when he is already out the office?

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