Linux Security – UFW Complete Guide (Uncomplicated Firewall)

In this video series, we will be taking a look at how to set up, secure, and audit Linux servers. This video will explain and demonstrate how to set up and configure UFW and various firewall rules.

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  1. I would switch to root user to do all this vs type sudo 1000 times. Complete insanity when doing firewall maintenance or a demo to not be logged in as root. Otherwise good solid tutorial.

  2. This might be a bad question but how can I get the "background" that you have with all the system info

  3. When I run the command ' ufw status ' as root, the only output I get is ' :active ' , nothing else is shown… no TO , ACTION of FROM?

  4. Very crisp and to the point videos with nice explanation. Now onto the other 6 vids…

  5. question: How to attack private network with double NAT ?? I want to test how secure my network is, target is second router, how to punch trough the NAT ? In Ur videos most attacks are fired in LAN, and the target machine is in the same network with attacker. What about hacking trough WAN ?? Sorry for bad English

  6. Hi HackerSploit! Ron here from Freedom! sent you an email about the channel. Hope you check it out 🙂

  7. how can i run my phishing over wan 24×7 so that it keeps on running even my pc is shutdown or i can access that from any where

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    So using this can we put aside the internet and work only with lan

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  9. @Hackersploit, thanks for all yr videos. I want to keep on going, but i get keeping output ( hash of expected file 17544910 weak) when i try to update kali linux or parrot os

  10. Question. what if instead of IP we enter a DDOS domain that is linked to my IP and refreshes the IP as soon as it changes.

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  12. Hi! I'd like your opinion on the platform INE Training, I don't know if it's worth it. Have you used it? Have you known anybody who has? They're quite expensive. Cheers mate!

  13. I need help please! Anyone who knows sqlmap.
    Using mulltidae page and burp suite with sqlmap

    I keep getting an error. Connection timed out and GET parameters page might not be injectable.

    Please help!

  14. Is it possible to hack android 10 with metasploit? if no then how can we hack a device with android 10? please reply

  15. if you get the 90 day thing on the 14th of december, will it still be 90 days?

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