Linode Getting Started Guide | Linode Cloud Manager Walkthrough

This video will guide you through the Linode Cloud Manager, which provides a user-friendly interface to manage your infrastructure, user accounts, billing and payments, and to open and track support tickets. You can easily create Linode instances, managed Kubernetes clusters, add backups to your Linodes, deploy Marketplace Apps, create Object Storage buckets, and more.

0:00 – Intro
0:55 – Creating a Linode
4:22 – Connecting to Your Linode Server
6:29 – Installing a Web Server
8:40 – The Linode One-Click Marketplace
9:50 – Adding an IP Address
11:37 – Setting up Reverse DNS
12:30 – Other Linode Products
13:26 – Outro

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  1. your videos are so complicated, you assume everybody knows initial stages or setup

  2. linode because I send support and you log out of my account and I have to do another one? I want to pay for it I don't want anything for free

  3. Oh didn't knew Linode had a dedicated Youtube Channel, I was searching the whole web for Linode tutorials the entire week… finally :v

  4. I have a newbie question. My ISP's modem/router blocks port 22. They will not give me access to the settings to fix this and told me to contact the modem manufacturer, Smart RG. They do not support the end user, only the ISP. Do you know of a way to get around this besides purchasing my own modem? Can I just search for a different port to use for SSH and configure that port instead? Are there any good reasons not to use another open port?
    Thanks for the great videos!

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