Lamar Jackson Talks About Return From COVID-19 | Baltimore Ravens

Quarterback Lamar Jackson discusses what he went through the past two couple weeks and his big plays against the Cowboys.

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  1. Everyone be hating lamar will never be successful like him. Hes playing the game he loves and getting payed for it. While the social rejects watching him and calling him a rb and talkin down on him.

  2. Okay legs looked good they sped you up a couple of times and those sidearm throws not necessary you not getting balls batted back so why? Hopefully Calais can see more action #welcomeback

  3. Awesome Job!! Glad Lamar and his team are back. Waiting for the rest to come back. So nice to see Lamar' smiling face and having fun like old times!!!! Beautiful TOUCH DOWN!!!!!

  4. JK Dobbins one of the those people that play bigger than his size like Tyreek Hill… JK a future top 3 running back he is nasty

  5. Wait after u get COVID u can’t really get it again so y is he wearing a mask lol ok jk tho but fr

  6. Get the 2nd and 3rd goats of the team up there. Patrick queen for DROY and the stud himself JK dobbins

  7. Is good we win but games

  8. We been here before bro, everybody looking down the barrel sayin we aint got what it takes. I think lamar jackson and company are ready to get to work. We aint dead yet!

  9. Can we all agree LJ did not test + for the CORONA"LIE"RUS. Fake. False. Untrue. Hoax. Next, LJ must be the most inaccurate passer in the NFL. Had Boykin wide open in the back of the end zone and didn't even give him a chance to catch it. You have to get better, LJ. Finally, nice win but Monday's game is what counts. We win that game we make the playoffs by running the table. 6th seed.

  10. CAN WE MOVE MILES BOYKIN TO TE PLEASE!!!! why we forcing #82 and #85 at TE right now? That seam route Miles Boykin scored on is the same route Mark Andrews runs every play. Last week #82 dropped a TD that could’ve won the game.

  11. Lost my taste and smell for about 11 days after symptoms stopped which was about 4 days after I was sick. It was back in March before anyone would give you a test unless u were super sick.

  12. He keeps proving that he can make the throws. he just not consistent. That's where the coaching comes in to develop and not to overthink.

  13. This man is a star he deserves a super bowl win I guess if he works hard enough he'll reach that LETS GO RAVENS

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