Inside this California hospital, a ‘constant battle’ against covid-19

Coronavirus cases in California are surging to record highs and hospitals are overrun. At St. Mary Medical Center, a hospital in the desert town of Apple Valley, the ICU has burst its capacity. Patients undergo triage in a parking lot tent and the hospital’s lobbies and hallways have become makeshift covid wards. Exhausted staff fear the worst is still to come. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. what are they treating these poor people with? Zinc & HCQ? or Ivermectin ? these are life-saving cures that should be given immediately. The ventilators are a death warrant.

  2. We need to see the reality of this illness. Too many people are not following the guidelines. I hope hospitals are getting ready for the mass wave of illness after Christmas. I see it coming.

  3. What bother me most is that some people out there stll behave and think that this is a joke.

  4. Tell these illegal aliens to stop flouting Covid social distancing rules. They don't follow the rules, why should I feel sorry for them?

  5. If you don't believe the severity of COVID, if you deny that this could happen to you or a loved one, if you think it is all a hoax, if you endanger others with your recklessness, then I have no words for you except that you are the worst form of a human being to ever walk this planet. This is heartbreaking for all involved.

  6. There's no one there. Hollywood hospital. I've been watching hospitals since March. Ambulance and parking lot, (crickets and frogs). Oh, I don't know, go to St. Mary Medical Center, yourself.

  7. California hospitals full of douchebag nurses and doctors staging a pandemic scene for you sheep that's it that what he's dying nobody's ever willing to hospitals sucadic

  8. I challenge everyone who is trolling in the comments to go volunteer at their local hospital if it's so "faked".

  9. People can dislike this video all they want. Doesn't make this any less real. This is coming from a frontline nurse myself.

  10. Look at who is in this hospital with covid!!! Old and the ones with issues!!! They refused to self quarantine stay 6 feet away and always wear a mask! They got what they asked for! If the old and all those with issues were to stay confined the rest of the country could move along with the business of living normal lives!! It is these 2 groups of people that are costing the rest of the country. Why do I have to wear a diaper when its my neighbor that has Diarrhea!!! Its not right!!!

  11. Le coronavirus est une " promenade de santé " : si un virus naît et dévore simultanément tous vos globules rouges et blancs dans votre sang, vous devriez simplement vous " évanouir " et mourir……. 22.12.2020 ce n'est pas si grave. 22.12.2020
    Coronavirus is a piece of cake, just think if you get a virus that simultaneously devours all your red & white blood cells you should just "pass out" and die…….it's not that bad. 22.12.2020

  12. God’s blessings to all the Doctors and Nurses who are taking care of all the patience with Covd-19 in all the hospitals around the world.

  13. My friend still thinks it’s only old people who will die from Covid, what’s your thought and opinions , personally I think he’s stupid.

  14. Anyone gona bring up the fact that the lady hospitalized was ill due to severe diabetes? No? Okay

  15. The creator of the test used for covid said it does not measure if u have covid. It measures if u have ever come into contact with any of the covid strains. It was never meant for diagnostic purposes to say if your currently sick or not. It is one of the greatest medical mistakes in History and these people are most likely sick with a flu or common cold or suffering from preexisting conditions coupled with pneumonia. Go look it up. Creator of the PCR test. Do your own research.

  16. Our dead fellow Americans and our exhausted frontline workers are paying the price for the "freedoms" taken by other Americans who refuse to take COVID seriously. The real, tangible human cost is TOO HIGH for the freedom of avoiding masks and staying home.

  17. Meanwhile AOC and other members of the Politburo get vaccinated ahead of front line healthcare workers and firefighters. I work at a large community health care center in California and no one has been vaccinated nor do we know when we will get an allotment.

  18. People think it's a joke. Traveling is priority and celebrating with family is also a priority for the people but their actions tell us more about this ignorant people.

  19. Show the numbers then. If it’s so bad, show us. That navy ship Trump sent to L.A. is in San Diego with 5,000 beds Newsome never used, it’s still there, unused. Why not ask to use it if it’s so bad. Why none of you ask these questions is why you are locked inside and I moved out of that toilet.

  20. It’s almost like we knew this was coming months ago and our leaders did nothing about it.

  21. Why are they not bringing back the Naval medical boat, or building temporary hospitals at convention centers like they did in the beginning, this is rediculious they no one is even mentioning that.

  22. This is sooooooooooooooooo sad. And to think millions are flying and going to be with families for the holidays. God Bless those patients and staff.

  23. This is very sad to watch, I lived in the USA for several years in the 1990's & Americans are such decent people. You have been failed terribly by your leadership & I'm not just saying Donald Trump is at fault here. He didn't help but he was surrounded by people who could have influenced his thinking, why didn't they talk to him and explain this thing would overcome America.

  24. I feel like if they showed what the hospitals looked like from the beginning more people would have taken this seriously

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