I Sold LINK And Bought BAND Protocol – Review And Staking Guide (15-17% p.a.)

BAND Protocol solves the oracle problem for cryptocurrencies and projects. Oracles are needed to bring real-world information to Blockchain.

It is good to have more than just one oracle to make sure that you have right information on your smart contracts.

In this video:
0:30 I show why I sold LINK and bought BAND Protocol.
1:29 What is BAND
2:05 What are crypto oracles
3:10 Why it has growing demand
4:20 What potential it has?
5:15 BAND partnerships, development and recent news
10:34 how to buy BAND
11:25 How to stake BAND on Atomic Wallet for 15-17% interest.
12:39 How to stake BAND Protocol on Ledger hardware wallet for highest possible interest.
14:50 My strategy with BAND

Binance (-10% trading fees:
Deposit $50 on Atomic Wallet to get 15 AWC:
Buy Ledger Hardware Wallet:

💡More info:

Staking Guide with Ledger (less than 2 minutes):
Staking Guide with Ledger (official):
Interviews with BAND CEO Sirawis:
(best one)

💳Use referral code [ 6xy9cpcjy4 ] to get $50 for free if you stake 1000 CRO or more and get a metal debit card.

💰Earn interest on your cryptos with Celsius Network. Get $20 in BTC when you deposit $200 or more in crypto as your first deposit and hold it for 30 days (must use link):
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  1. How to undelegate or collect reward with ledger?
    Got a notice in red " insufficient funds" when I tried to collect reward or undelegate with ledger S.
    Fees = 5000uband. What (gas 500000)?

  2. Cant find Band on Binance US… I bought some on coinbase but its the erc20 version. I was looking to deposit it to Binance US and swap it for the mainnet token to send to Atomic wallet and stake.

  3. How about Staking BAND in Binance? What differences between staking in Binance and Atomic wallet beside an interest yield?

  4. You definitely were not late to the party at all it 15 x since, I actually thought of buying right at that time and I didn't I am kicking myself now

  5. So with BAND pumping as hard as it is, i'm trying to unstake from the Atomic wallet and keep getting an error message on the wallet saying that it can't send band right now and I should retry in 5 – 10 minutes. Got any ways around that? I'm not trusting this wallet so much right now

  6. Do you think there will be "sell on news" on 11th Aug. Maybe people will cash in on their profits. What's your take on this?

  7. Hey Denome big fan!

    Can you help me , I am trying to unstake my BAND on Atomic wallet and it's not working.

    it says : Can't unstake BAND now
    please try these steps:
    Refresh the balance
    wait 5-10 min and repeat the transaction
    turn on/off VPN
    Restart wallet

    I tried all of them and no luck 🙁

    Please help!

  8. Help me understand something…so you heard of Band 3 days ago and traded Chainlink for it at the all time high? I'm not saying Band doesn't have merit but your investment strategy is kind of flawed here. Good luck

  9. R u able to unstake your BAND in atomic wallet and take profits? BAND has gone up 347% in 14 days

  10. Big mistake. You don’t trade link u hold it. High yield does not mean high gains. Link is barely getting started.

  11. do you think the band train has gone? perhaps the upcoming testnet 2 and mainnet launch could give it an extended pump

  12. EOS use and TRON use to fake the repos on Github to appear on those statistics. BAnd is just doing the same. The disparity with the other projects is insane. Its all part and planned with the Pump. Once its done you will see it drop drastically.

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