How to Repair the Straps of an N95 Mask

Regulatory Description of the S.A.F.E Cartridge System and Masks
The Self-Assembly Filtration for Emergencies (S.A.F.E) Cartridge System is a modular HEPA filtration system that can be fitted onto hospital masks such as the disposable AeroEclipse Aerosol Mask made by Monaghan Medical Corporation. The S.A.F.E Cartridge System can also be fitted onto 3D printed masks while maintaining functionality.
The main body of the S.A.F.E Cartridge System is made of 3D printed material (PLA) and can be printed on any FDM printer such as an Ultimaker 3 (used for our cartridge prototypes), Makerbot Replicator, or Lulzbot printer. There are four 3D printed components: the cartridge, lid, shield, and valve protector.
The filter material used for the S.A.F.E Cartridge System is sourced from a Filtrete True HEPA filter (Product #1150096). The filter material is cut from the product frame and sealed into the S.A.F.E Cartridge System using hot glue to ensure an airtight seal.
The one-way valve membrane is made from a kitchen glove typically used for washing dishes. This rubber material can be substituted with any other thin rubber sheets and is adhered to the device using super glue. The valve membrane is then protected by the 3D printed valve protector.
The S.A.F.E Cartridge System only provides proper filtration if paired with a mask that can provide a good seal on the face of the user. For masks, we have multiple different solutions: retrofitting the AeroEclipse hospital mask and utilizing 3D printed masks using various materials.
When using the AeroEclipse mask, one must plug the existing vent holes in the mask surface using adhesive tape (such as duct tape) to prevent passive airflow with the environment. To achieve a good seal, window sealer foam (MD Building Products neoprene window seal foam 1/4in thick) was adhered to the mask edge.
For the 3D printed masks, masks were printed using PLA on an FDM printer (we used a Prusa printer for prototypes), and the window sealer foam gasket (MD Building Products neoprene window seal foam 1/4in thick) was added to ensure a good seal between face and mask. For this mask, strapping can be made using elastic or nylon and will be tied behind the head for use. .


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