How To Improve Your Sales and Increase Business

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Every business needs more customers. The more customers you have and the more effective your pipeline of steady customers, the more your business will grow.

if you want a business that will give you the life you want without becoming your life you’ll want to watch this video.

00:00 Introduction

01:58 Commercial Introduction

06:01 Welcome from Rich Schefren

09:38 A few tools that Rich has been using lately that could help you in your business

12:23 Rich gives an update on what is happening with Strategic Profits and Steal Our Winners

13:50 Rich starts to say HI to everyone watching the live (if you’d like to talk to Rich, he has a live every Tuesday 2- 4 pm and Thursday 6 – 8 pm eastern time)

15:56 Rich shares a question he heard on clubhouse “what’s the number one thing I couldn’t pay you enough to stop doing or do without” that made him think further about his values.

23:47 If you want to be an affiliate for Strategic Profits, email

25:50 How to get more people buying from you

26:25 What will be help most businesses sell more?

29:30 How does Rich create offers that has grown his business more than anything else?

31:06 What does Caleb O’Dowd do when creating his offers?

33:24 You need to find DUG (those with problems that are desperate urgent gravity – meaning deep consequences) prospects and introduce them to UFOs (unique fantasy object). Give people what they want in a way they don’t expect.

50:09 A viewer asks about offering guarantees

1:04:30 What’s the fastest way to grow a “done for you” service?

1:28:32 Rich is talking through how he creates (shorter) videos for his YouTube channel

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