How to fill in postal application for Japan's 100,000 yen #coronavirus payment

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***Note – An alternative, OCR, version of the application form looked at in this video has since been issued by authorities. It seems like local municipalities will decide on which form they wish to use. While the details required to complete both are pretty much the same, the presentation does differ. You can find guidance on how to complete either form via this article on City-Cost:

Video guide to the OCR form:

We take a look at a sample of the application form being sent out by municipalities across Japan in order for residents to apply for the special one-off 100,000 yen cash payment being handed out amid the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Applications for the special payment have already gotten underway, but residents have a period of three months in which to apply, so there’s plenty of time yet and many people will have yet received their applications, which can also be processed on line for those who hold a My Number card.

To our knowledge there is no “official” guide in a language other than Japanese as to how to fill out the postal application form. As such then, this video takes a look at each section of the form and how to fill it in. Forms will have the names and date of births of the recipients already printed on them. This is by no means official then, but we hope it can get you started if you have nowhere else to turn.

A pamphlet produced by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications guides readers through the basics of the application but not the form itself:

For more details about the application process as a whole see our article on City-Cost:

Or if you prefer it in video form:

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications released a special portal site giving information about the payments (in Japanese). Here you can check whether or not applications have been sent out:

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  1. Thanks for sharing although my form's different from this and ones with examples online too. I wonder if there could be some guidance.

  2. I am not yet recieve untill application form. Then how can i get?
    I dont know how to apply online ?
    I am here permanently residence ship

  3. I live in Kawasaki and I'm still waiting for my form 🙁 Anyone else in Kanagawa got their form?

  4. My form is completely different from this one, and since I can't read or speak Japanese I'm afraid this video wasn't much help. For example, the check boxes for saying whether you want the payment or not have both an opt in and and opt out box to check – of course, I have no idea which is which and my phone translator can't distinguish between the two columns. Perhaps each municipality has its own version of the form.

  5. This information is so useful, however my form structure is a bit different. I believe ask if you want the money as well, so there are 7 boxes. I wish the forms were standard.

  6. Thanks for a guide! I have a question regarding bank account details. I am stated as head of a household but do not have a bank account, but my wife have it. She also mentioned in a form as a recipient. So can I fill details of her bank account instead? And do I need to feel in a proxy section in this case?

  7. Great info thanks! I have one question, if my name is written in english at the begging of the form, do i have to write it on the left again in english or in katakana?

  8. Thank you! That was very useful. I did not know I needed to attach a copy of my bank account information, since I was writing it all in on the form. So, it seems I need to go out anyway to the convenience store to make a copy. I am curious if most people have printers at home.

  9. My family has 4 members. So, there is no space to stick copy of insurance card at the application. Is it ok to attach the same?

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