How Coronavirus Contact Tracing Apps Work | WSJ

Public health authorities, developers and tech companies are working on apps to help us keep track of who we came in contact with and where we’ve been to aid in Covid-19 contact-tracing efforts. WSJ’s Joanna Stern explains the technologies using an 8-bit video game.

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  1. If you think government doesn't have access to your personal data already them you're are very delusional

  2. A MASK isn't a "Covid WEAPON", but it's an IDIOT MAGNET. Does it occur to anyone that if MASKS could stop coronavirus, they'd stop the common cold? But everyone who wears a scarf over their nose and mouth in winter knows that this does not protect against catching a cold. Therefore, how in God's name do you think a mask, a piece of paper or cloth, is going to stop either the common cold or coronavirus? You've been had. Wake up!

  3. Time to "flash a new OS" to your android phone. We need a LINUX substitute for Android, downloadable to an SD card, and instructions on how to "flash" the LINUX phone OS onto our phone. Linux-capable phones should be listed under each available alternative OS that excludes surveillance. We need a web page with all phone models & all compatible OS, plus LINKS to download the OS, and instructions on how to install the new system to our phones. There seems to be a growing trend away from Windows 10 as well, in favor of Linux.

  4. So at 1:50, does she mean eventually there will be an iOS update that includes this Bluetooth tracking? That’s what it sounds like.

  5. A google-apple joint venture app for government or linked health organisations to trace the public in any way, won't go down that well when many are overly aware of security issues online and how corporations already lap up user data for mass profit. Apps that are very popular are usually also a big target for hackers, and can be potentially be exploited to give out incorrect information or grab personal information.

    A fair percentage of the most vulnerable to any virus that might see benefit, particularly those in the oldest age bracket, already with health issues or with weaker immune systems, may not always want to use, be able to use, or even currently have access to a phone or computer capable of running the app. Explaining the app as an 8 bit videogame isn't going to attract many of them either. For those that do like the idea, the question remains as to whether it can really make a difference at all so late in the game, and at what cost, ie giving up on privacy for good health. A declared pandemic doesn't come around often, but many question how the biggest companies may try and use it all to their advantage, as there isn't a great deal of public trust.

    Although it might only affect a minority, I can see some of those that believe what the fear mongering tabloid press have to say when it comes to this virus (or any topic), ending up overly focusing on the app, leading to increasing issues when it comes to their own mental health, with heightened levels of anxiety and questionable stability when it comes to social contact in general.

  6. Its called gangstalking. Notice the people wearing the mask with earbuds they are working for security companies to track ppl not just because of covid. Covid is the reason they stalk you. These ppl are being paid to do this. Theyve been doing this in China for years.

  7. Doing contact tracing using the traditional means is way too slow to be effective. As long as smartphones w/GPS have been dominate in the market, this work should be done automatically using the available tech. It is dangerous, irresponsible and stupid to do otherwise. The software for this work should do 3 main things. 1) force contact tracing only in times of a health crisis, 2) made such that the tech cannot be defeated as long as the phone is in use, 3) it needs to preserve privacy.


    Doing this work in this way will not only help to contain COVID-19, it will help to contain all communicable diseases going forward in the future. There are other laws that would help in this effort. Mandating that all phones, mobile or otherwise, contain GPS and contact tracing tech that cannot be defeated.

  8. scam demic planned demic hoax fake fraud "virus" that govt and the medical cartel they take orders from is using to transform the world into a tyrannical police state

  9. COVID = euphemism for ( Certificate Of Vaccinated ID ) Everyone walking around with theses stupid Masks are making there body Acidic rebreathing there Co2 , Decreasing there O2 , creating oxidative stress on there body and lower there immune system. Can we all just get over ourselves cause guess what plant earth has a 100% Death Rate no one gets off this planet alive. What we should worry about is what kind of planet and social structures we are leaving behind for our children and grandchildren. One where the 99% is enslaved by the 1% sociopath. That wants to force inject us with what ever DNA altering toxic stew whenever they feel like it. Where there is no freedom to travel sell or buy. Unless you have a COVID= ( Certificate Of Vaccination ID ) Hopefully people will wake up and we can have a phone smashing tea party Like the Boston tea party.


  10. This is a violation of my constitutional rights and privacy I will never support contact tracing! Its bogus and illegal! I'd rather never know!

  11. What if the person around us off his or her bluetooth device and he or she has covid19

  12. "We have to vaccinate you too bcuz your phone says you were too close to covid person"

  13. The latest information I am getting is that it will be dowloaded INVOLUNTARILY with your next update.

  14. Most everyone was always leaving the house through out this BS shutdown. Being unemployed has nothing to do with self quarantining. Government can stick these tracking apps in their a$$

  15. Track my phone, know exactly where I am, where I have been, who I have been with. All the people I know. 24/7?!…… This is a joke right!

    So contact tracers can gang up on me and the people I've been in contact with and later down the line force laws down my throat… All in the name of trying to beat Covid-19??

    …. Yeah I'll pass!

    Only a dumb person who believes everything they're told by officials would glady give away their freedom like that.

  16. It’s just too invasive. We need voluntary retroactive contact tracing. On a sharable map

  17. I thought this was a joke. A quick search ruined my day. Plus addiction to technology makes it ready for leaders to monitor us. Your smartphone already leaves a trail of where you have been, this is just more precise. This technology won't go away after covid… If a company suspected you leaked info that could find who you takes to.

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