How Apple, Google, 23andMe, And Other Companies Are Fighting COVID-19

Many tech companies are developing new technology to help fight the spread of COVID-19. Apple and Google are in the middle of developing a contact-tracing feature for their smartphones. 23andMe is conducting a genetic study to understand the range of severity of symptoms in COVID-19 patients. Facebook created a map that shows people who have reported COVID-19 symptoms. Alibaba hopes to use its artificial-intelligence technology to analyze CT scans. And some smaller tech companies are rolling out smart wearable tech and at-home test kits.

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How Apple, Google, 23andMe, And Other Companies Are Fighting COVID-19


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  3. Maybe covid 19 can help android and apple be together and stop making fun and hating each other.
    They can work together, but if only in covid 19

  4. Oh Google and Apple are working on it? That's a load off my mind, definitely will be getting a contact tracing app now. Their record on privacy is impeccable.

  5. A $100+ for a COVID-19 Test Kit??? Seriously, They should be selling them for way less. It would make them less enticed to buy them.

  6. Trust Google or Apple…..they have done enough damage to my privacy and personal information. Forget it!

  7. People wake up! Don't download this app, for crying out loud!… Vote down this bill HR 666! introduced in the US House that is a TOTAL PRIVACY ISSUE! If this bill passes they will be coming your house…
    Democrat Rep. Bobby Rush has introduced a bill HR 6666 (no kidding, symbolism anyone?) in Congress to authorize the federal government to grant approved entities the right to conduct contact tracing for Coronavirus at “individuals’ residences.” Contact tracing involves investigators tracing EVERY interaction that infected people have.

  8. Anyone here read the Foundation cycle books from Isaac Asimov?

    Don't you feel big techs are slowly building pshychohistory?

  9. Covid IS A SCAM! WAKE UP! No one is "fighting" it, certainly not Big Tech! They are implementing a system of control plain and simple. Do NOT GET THE APPS! Ditch all of your "smart" devices… or walk willingly into the ovens with your heads staring blankly at your phone… TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA!

  10. If anyone knows the movie demolition man, then you probably know what will happen in the next decades.

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  12. Technology developed day by day to fight on virus but Human is a social virus to kill the nature

  13. Alexa: sings happy bday to you

    Me: runs into my room without turning off the tap or washing off the soap on my hand

  14. All lies. Those companies are in cahoots with Soros and Gates to make a global vaccine mandatory, so they can inject you with their nano-tech tattoo so they can track you everywhere, and who you are in contact with, talk to, banks you pay your bills by, and more, with 5G. CV-19 is nothing more than to familiarize you with martial law.

  15. A well-designed tool could offer public health benefit, but a poorly designed one could pose unnecessary and significant risks to privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties.

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