Health secretary Matt Hancock self-isolating after being pinged by NHS Covid app

Matt Hancock has said he is self-isolating after being contacted by the NHS Covid-19 app.

The Health Secretary said he will be “staying at home and not leaving at all until Sunday” after being “pinged” by the Test and Trace system.

In a video message shared on Twitter, Mr Hancock instressed that self-isolation is “perhaps the most important part of all the social distancing.”

He continued: “I know from the app that I’ve been in close contact with somebody who’s tested positive and this is how we break the chains of transmission.”

He did not give any details on the identity of who this “close contact” was.

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  1. Wasn't he seen out playing rugby at the weekend?

    Perhaps we need some special rules that say all members of government need to be kept locked up together in a bubble so we can maintain a fully operational one and get this lockdown over and done with instead of them having meetings over blimin zoom.

  2. Hes going down and never coming back from tbe confused mess this country bas been led by Boris and his phonies who give it out in 1 hand but tben we will be forever having to pay it back as like tbe NRG rise in being at home Gas and electric on more WHOS PAYING those THEN £75 PM to £165 No way, Dual fuel Big orofits for the Internet provider as, well that are te constantly updating software that not needed Tbat why the new ideas are costly and pusbing bills up Disgusted by tbe worst goverment since the war

  3. We are all ants living in a jar and occasionally the jar gets shook up and we all go mental however we just need to realise that the ants in the jar are our loved ones, our friends, our neighbours and the ones shaking the jars are the aggressors, politicians, media and bankers shake jars all day long and create Division and Hatred among the world…

  4. As Snozzel Durante would have said "What a co inky dink".This moron is as bent as a metre of fuse wire.

  5. I blame that game of rugby at the weekend. Matt can you confirm if the rest of the U.K. is ok to follow suit and start booking summer holidays? You’ve booked your holiday, can you confirm if I’m okay to book mine?

  6. So one might say he deserves it, but further …. one might ask why the person he had been 'pinged' by was out during their self isolation period? They know who he is …..

  7. Why not take a lateral flow test mate? You get the result in under half an hour. Or can't they be trusted? I know most people don't trust you…

  8. The amount of likes are the amount of times he practiced this in the mirror trying to imitate human emotions

  9. This cabinet is Intellectually malnourished from the top to the bottom playing in a crowded park will do it and government had the buffoonery to put out a statement saying he kept to the social guidelines yesterday the home secretary didn't show up in parliament to answer a urgent question on why 400.000 pieces of evidence had been deleted in criminal investigations

  10. He has had covid once, I thought you were immune for 5 months from getting it again, what is he upto.

  11. You really think making up this ping , people will follow suit, in a bubble this lot ffs

  12. if there was an App for incompetence, we wouldn't hear a ping, but a long, loud, full symphony, as a requiem for human intelligence!

  13. I guess the monster is going to lock himself away for a while maybe to show good example?

  14. Well he decide to go out to park with his kid around lots of people so serves him rights up, no sympathy from me

  15. He needs self isolating in prison for the rest of his life. As does every other member of SERCO.

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