Gravitas: Apple, Google ban GPS tracking in Covid-19 tracking apps

Apple and Google have decided to ban location-tracking on contact-tracing apps. The tech giants say they are trying to protect user privacy. But, is this a case of the pot calling the kettle black?

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  1. Both r controlled, manipulated & funded by Chinese Communist Party & Organization of Islamic countries. PROOF WANTED ! Apple manufactures in China which has ZERO human rights record & SHAME Apple does not give 100% manufacturing in USA. Google leas said the better as Google accepts terms & conditions of CCP & OIC for money & business. HYPOCRISY

  2. Google picked a word from my what's app call and put content and ad when I logged into YouTube. Can a non-tech person guess. Looks coincidence. WhatsApp is FB and YouTube is Google, difficult for them to share. Actually the Android OS on the phone picks words and send them to Google servers from phone calls. As a part of personalization it now brings content and relevant ads based on this data.. Your voice from calls, etc is also captured by Google as it does from voice searches on Chrome,

  3. I love and respect this lady for her eloquence and courage. But Ms. Pulki got it completely wrong this time.

  4. Reporter remember, Google offered cloud services for free right before we all know about cloud. I agree with your view on contact tracing. I would instead prefer Google to offer global app with localised data for contact Tracing

  5. I don't agree with Google and Apple collecting user data, but I respect that they are keeping contact tracing off their phones. This is a real big protection of people, against governments that might misuse this data. Bravo AppGoog!!! (Now, please shut down your own personal record keeping). I won't call them hypocritical here, because the government having your location is far scarier than a business being able to predict what kind of Taco you're having next. (But still, Please, stop correctly guessing what food I have in my hand every time I sit down, it's spooky guys. Google seems to know what I will eat, what soda I drink, and approximately what time I eat. Too spooky, leave me alone).

  6. it just means they want to be able to sell your location to the Government themselves,, make no mistake they will be tracking you…

  7. Well I appreciate Google and Apple because they did alot of research to get data of individual. They have every right to manipulate things in their favor.
    This is rule of jungle if you want to protect urself then create something and save urself.

  8. As you should now be aware , if it’s not in there interest it ain’t happening. Never mind whatever anyone says.

  9. Google: we will stop gps tracking
    Modi: no, u can't do that,, I made plans for 2024 .
    I thought gps tracking is a "Sethu" to 2024.

  10. They don’t want to hand over the data they capture to governments. Will still capture it. Just don’t want to hand it over.
    Govt – we would like this information, is it possible. Google/Apple – is that all. Shit, we’ve been collecting way more than that for decades.

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