Government launch mobile tracing app to curb COVID-19 in SA

Government has launched a mobile application on Apple store and Google play store called COVIDAlertSA, to strengthen South Africa’s digital contact tracing efforts.



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  1. This is all bullshit – vaccine adjuvants cause disease – fact – the Power is in the hands of Corrupt Big Pharma driving the Vaccination agenda –

  2. This even more dangerous than Covid 19, I'd be a fool to download this data collection app! There's no such thing as anonymous anymore… she go lost a few year ago and nobody knows where she is right now!

  3. They could/will make app mandatory or you could face arrest. Commi intimidation tactics. Next will be some sort of nanno chip buit into THE WONDER vaccine c/o BILLY followed by dreadfull illness. You doctors out there, seen this before?…"known side effects" Hipocritic oath…"Do No Harm" whata joke! GFY.

  4. You don't need to trace us, there is no Corona virus. Dr you lie, you lie. Statistics worldwide show you lie.

  5. Pfff you can't even catch the guptas leaving the country with tax payers money now you expect me to use a phone so you can lock up innocent people. Go to hell you commie wangs.

  6. I won't be downloading any app from the government. Thanks, but no thanks. I don't trust a word they say. If they had been transparent from the beginning, if there had been no stealing of covid funds, if there had been no smoking ban, which couldn't be justified, then, maybe then, I would have been willing. They have exposed themselves. So no way.

  7. They feel no shame peddling these lies in a bid to stay in power forever and keep the populace subservient, following directives from the WHO, Bill Gates and his NWO cronies, and the UN. Jacob Zuma infamously said that the ANC will rule until Christ returns. Maybe they will, but they will pay a terrible price.

  8. The more people download this app the more effective the ANC will be at taking our rights. ANC is learning a lot from CCP China

  9. "The app is designed to protect your privacy, It does not track your location or collect any personal information." OK so how well it tell me theres infections in my area if it doesnt know my area? How does it know if I have Covid, thats personal information right, its collecting that at least? OR HOW ON EARTH IS IT A TRACKING APP THAT CANT TRACK

  10. Remember boys and girls, The ANC steals 10x what it gives. ANC gives you a lockdown, ANC steals R500 billion. ANC gives you and app, ANC will steal your privacy.

  11. OK Privacy Red Flags Just went up. If it was just an app that gives you info about locations with high spread of the Virus than it would be ok.

  12. You digging your own grave, I advice you not to follow the outside evils because when you fail they won't help you,,,, don't,,, stop this dearty agenda.

  13. It seems like it's just an excuse for a tracking app. As soon as it asks you to put in your name, it will probably also ask for permissions like contacts, location, phone and editing your Google account and use the information they get out of it to profile specific phone numbers, emails and such on a database, which they will most likely sell to telemarketing companies or store exploitative efforts, like tracking software.

  14. lol tested positive… had headache and body ache… didnt infect family… didnt infect friends… wasnt even social distancing… what is really going on?

  15. Why are is everyone making up conspiracies now like it’s an actual smart idea and I think we should embrace it this entire comments section looks like a day in America,full of people spreading rumors because they think they know better like wtf South Africans stop being ignorant what’s next u guys gonna start thinking 5g is a mind control device mxm

  16. The ANC is a bit behind. Of course they loved to be able to tell us where we are allowed to go, when we may go and who may go, what we were allowed to buy and whose jobs were essential. Now that everyone can see how obviously the fear mongering propaganda has been a hoax (except those who have not been hiding under a rock, only listening to SABC and ENCA and reading News24 and other news papers), only now they launch the app they need us to have, so they can track where we go, when and with whom we interact.
    For those who still wonder what the fuss is about; it's only an app; why would the government find my comings and goings of value?
    Well, obviously they will know if you were out after 11, and who you mingled with. Before long, this app will be equipped with a green QR code which will turn amber or red if you are presumed to have been in contact with someone who are "infected". If your code is not green, you won't be allowed to enter the supermarket, get onto public transport or order an uber. You will not be able to enter your workplace and you'll probably be in big trouble should your code be red when pulled over in a roadblock.
    Before long, a vaccine will be launched, yes that one which has been funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations, the same people who have funded the development of this app and the same people who are deeply concerned about the overpopulation of the earth.
    If you want your QR Code to be green, you will need to voluntarily take the vaccine. If you are naughty and stay out late, or you go somewhere you were told not to go, or you mingle with people you were told not to, or you take part in a protest, or you post something unflattering about the Party, your QR Code could go amber or red…
    What else can they link to this? You might not be able to buy electricity or airtime, or renew your car license, get a cellphone contract or internet subscription or access to your bank account, or be employed, or get a lone.
    This already happens in China.
    Think about it. You are currently still not allowed to go to church (unless your congregation decides which 100 may attend this Sunday). You are not allowed to enter a supermarket or your workplace without a mask. If a loved one gets sick and goes to hospital, you are not allowed to visit. If that loved one dies it hopital, he/she will die alone.
    12 months ago, we would never have thought that these things could ever be enforced on us in South Africa, yet, here we are. Enforcement of these draconian regulations is easily enforced on us by the large corporates enforcing their customers, suppliers and employees to comply, and so it ripples down the supply chain to the corner cafe, to the barber shop and to every consumer and employee….
    Don't fall for it. Don't install the app. It can only work if we comply.

  17. How much did they pay to Lie about the FAKE VIRUS, these Guys have time to create apps, while many South Africans have lost their Jobs thinking they are saving themselves from the FAKE VIRUS. This is Just a SCAM in huge scale.

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