Germany announces second COVID-19 outbreak

Authorities in Germany are being criticised for their handling of the coronavirus, after another outbreak in North Rhine-Westphalia. The area has had to has reintroduce lockdown measures.

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  5. Does anyone still believe in the governments' Corona fairytale? Seriously, I don't buy their nonsense anymore. I think it was just a normal flu wave.

  6. Keep up the fear factor. Investigate Agenda 21, that's where the real threat lies, the covid event is a mere distraction to prevent people discovering the truth.
    Think NWO

  7. If Italy has the same situation that will be zero surprise. They take even less precautions than Qatar and Iran

  8. I’m scared this is what’s going to happen to the uk and then I can’t have any family around for my 13 birthday and i think I might have depression, I hope it gets better before my birthday as well (it’s in about 60 days)

  9. It's NOT a second wave. It's a factories worth of people that have it. NOT the whole of Germany like your title would suggest. BS news again

  10. There is a trend of meat workers having more trouble than other industries. In the US they had trouble. The bug came from an open meat market. It seems that raw meat is the perfect breeding ground for this bug.

  11. Guess its, the cold, the flu and now covid-19. Until the jab its bye bye to the lives we used had?

  12. The gyms in Germany are still open.. So are bars, and hooka lounge.. Is this video fake? Anyone else in Frankfurt?

  13. Pls pls take social distancing seriously . Don’t want to go through another lockdown . Stay safe ,

  14. Where are those people claiming female pms are better and secured the pandemic purely because they are 'female.'

  15. Total farce, This is part of the push for lab made meat, If every meat plant around the world are getting large positive reading then the tests are faulty, I bet not one person has symtoms, notice how other factorys are covid free, only meat plants

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