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Geofence App Ios (geofencing notification app) (Full Applications)

Demo backend:

URL: http://goo.gl/Wzki4e
user: admin
password: admin
download Demo app:

are charging Apple AppStore – coming soon

Backend support both Android and iOS platform.
    Backend easy to add more features

  • Laravel 4 frame
  • Bootstrap3
  • Angular JS
    * Easy application integration

  • Complete Guide installation documentation. http://goo.gl/KrVIhH
  • Complete Guide to make interagration application to application. http://goo.gl/JWvzQz
  • .

Geofencing enter

Geofencing is a location-based service that sends messages to users of smartphones entering a geographically defined. Some companies send promotions to smartphone customers when they enter a store, mall or neighborhood.

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Geo-fencing enables an advertiser to select a geographical point using latitude and longitude information, and to create a “fence” around the virtual point of a certain radius.

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For example, a message may indicate a store, then deliver a particular ad to anyone who comes within 200 meters of the branch will get the message.

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Geo-fencing App has many uses, including:


A restaurant, shop, cafe, bar, etc can trigger a text message with daily specials opt-in to a client when the client enters a geographical area.

Fleet Management

When a truck driver leave on its route, the dispatcher receives an alert.

Human Resources Management

A smart card employee will send a security alert when an employee tried to enter an unauthorized area.

Compliance Management

Network geo-fence crossings registration logs to document the proper use of the devices and their conformity with the established norms.

Asset Management

An RFID tag on a pallet can send an alert if the pallet is removed from storage without authorization.

law enforcement

An ankle bracelet can alert authorities if a person leaves the premises under house arrest.

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