EIDL Advance Grant Application Date Released When Can You Apply for the $10,000 EIDL Business Grant

The EIDl Advance Grant is a grant for up to $10,000 for qualified small businesses and self employed, sole proprietors, and independent contractors who are in low income communities and meet additional requirements. When can you apply for the EIDL grant? Applications should open with the SBA on Jan 17th.

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  1. Hey guys! If my channel has been helpful I would LOVE for you to support my channel by leaving me comments below – dropping comments helps Youtube to know to show my videos more in search + recommendations and really helps my channel to grow. Thanks for your support 🙂

  2. I had a small business with independent contractors. Do independent contracters qualify to claim as employees for the grant?

  3. Question Ginny,
    I received the the grant of 1k and loan last year, do I qualify again for eidl or should I move on to ppp instead? Thank you so much. Also I heard they may give the difference back from the 10k grant since I received only one? Is this correct?

  4. Just got a email saying my weeks are ready to verify, I didn't reopen my claim and just certified.

  5. Hello Ginny! Im on PUA and my account is part of those who got suspended. I was able to certify for 2 wks, however my claims since 12/26 still says pending. Would you happen to know the reason for the pending status?

  6. Hey Ginny I know ur in ca… but in Ohio I was in an extension and they took it away two weeks before 12/26 I could certify but haven’t gotten paid in a month now. Now I was able to certify but it still says paying $0 can u help any advice??

  7. My sales dropped 80 percent but since my restaurant is not located in low income area, I am not qualified. This is not fair. I haven’t been able to pay rent and bills.

  8. Thank you Ginny. It seems I meet the requirements to apply for EIDL Advanced Grant. Will you show us how to fill out the application for it?
    Second question, this grant can cover only business expenses EXCLUDING PAYROLL to yourself, is it right?
    I’m a sole proprietor and currently I’m not working due to COVID-19. Should I apply for the EIDL Advanced Grant? Do I have to be working for it?

  9. Thank you Ginny for all the you do seriously your Channel keeps me so much update for my Edd thank you so much

  10. @Ginny Silver my EDD account has been on pending since I last certified 3 weeks ago (it acknowledges receiving my certification). There's no blue reapply or certify button in my account. I have some money left over to certify for. Are you in the same situation as me? All we are doing is waiting correct? Thanks for the updates.

  11. Hello I have maximum benefit in my claim . I have 0 balance At the moment My benefit year ends 6/26/2021. What should I do ? My last payment was the 26 th . Also I just certified this past Sunday with 0 balance . Should I wait ?

  12. Firstly, I thank you so much for your hard work Ginny. You've been so very helpful. Unfortunately my honesty has effed me and our stupid fucking government cut me off UI early october just because my claim date was a couple weeks before the "corona virus" date. But because of covid, im still not able to find a job and cannot file another claim until March. I hate to be the negative Nancy of the group but it has been a STRUGGLE to say the least and im just annoyed with everything that has to do with unemployment.. I will still continue to support your channel as much as I can and I just want to say again THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK and fuck our government, those lousy fucking lying bastards. AND by the way, I still haven't received my second stimulus. How can they do this bullshit to us…SORRY im done venting…

  13. I’m from california on the 12 Jan at 230 pm got thrugh the Edd they cleared my. reopeni. C er t ach. To. Normal

  14. Hey I trade stocks as a side business but there is no LLC but I live in a low-income community do you think I qualify?

  15. if i got the 1k advance on the first round but didn't get the loan. do i need to apply again if i want to get the remaining 9k? or is it just going to payout the difference since i got the 1k last time? thx

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