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ed Navbar v1.0 – Customisable Multi-Level Vertical jQuery Navbar for Bootstrap 4 (Navigation)

ed Navbar is a vertical jQuery navbar, which extends Bootstrap Four for vertical navbar format and helps a number of sub-levels. It’s extremely customisable, cellular prepared and works with native and exterior hyperlinks. ed Navbar is designed with Bootstrap Four in thoughts and would undertake any Bootstrap Four design by default.

A) CSS/SCSS Recordsdata and Construction

Index file showcasing ed Navbar v1.0.

  1. index.html

There are three css recordsdata included – css/ed-navbar.css consists of Bootstrap’s default types in addition to all types related to ed Navbar v1.0 (on the finish). There’s one .css.map file included – ed-navbar.css.map. File ed-navbar.css inside the css listing is the output file of the principle scss file ed-navbar.scss inside the scss listing and extends Bootstrap’s default theme for a customisable vertical navbar format. Bootstrap 4.1.Three scss recordsdata are included within the bootstrap_scss listing.

File ed-navbar.scss consists of a number of SCSS variables to permit for a straightforward customisation of the navbar. The colour and background colour of courses .nav-link, .download-item and .navbar-brand are customisable as is the background colour of the .navbar class. Spacing choices are included too.

  1. css/ed-navbar.css
  2. css/ed-navbar.css.map
  3. scss/ed-navbar.scss
  4. scss/bootstrap_scss – listing containing a non-modified copy of Bootstrap 4.1.Three scss recordsdata

The node_modules listing accommodates npm dependencies – Bootstrap 4.1.3 , jQuery 3.3.1, Popper.js 1.0.2 and Tooltip.js 1.2.0. An npm package deal file in included too – package deal.json.

  1. package deal.json – npm package deal file
  2. node_modules – listing of npm dependencies (Bootstrap 4.1.3 , jQuery 3.3.1, Popper.js 1.0.2 and Tooltip.js 1.2.0)

B) JavaScript

There’s one js file that features the required code for ed Navbar – ed-navbar.js. Bootstrap 4.1.Three JS (bootstrap.min.js), jQuery 3.3.1 (jquery.min.js) and Popper 1.0.2 (popper.min.js) are included too.

  1. js/ed-navbar.js
  2. js/bootstrap.min.js
  3. js/jquery.min.js
  4. js/popper.min.js

C) Assist & Assets

ed Navbar is designed particularly for Bootstrap 4-based templates and extends Bootstrap Four for a vertical navbar format. For extra assets on Bootstrap theming please discuss with Bootstrap Four Theming Documentation. For assistance on SASS, discuss with the SASS information under.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Bootstrap Four Theming Documentation
  • SASS information

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