Ecomi AMA – Everything you want to know about VeVe today – Degens, Rhys and OMI recap and commentary

Dr Degen had Rhys from Ecomi on for an AMA on his Twitch stream. I tried to take notes about stuff I found interesting that pertained to VeVe and OMI and this is my commentary and reaction.

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  1. Hoping someone in the OMI community can help! I logged out of the VeVe app and now I can't log back in (4/19/21). Has this ever happened to anyone? If so, what can I do? When I try to login I just get the wheel going round & round on the screen. There are no drops today so I am not sure why I can't get in. Help!

  2. Technically it is the buy-back, not the burn, that would equate 100% of Gem values purchased (given that those gems are not used to buy collectibles in drops). The problem is it seems they haven’t started implementing the buy-backs yet.

  3. i agree that people are missing out on the Mermi's. I been buying em all day off Ebay for 20 each. I must have 30 or so by now lol. I just keep stacking 'em. Its an investment no matter how you look at it. Ther are only 6000 of each. Once all the resellers are sold out, its just gonna be the collectors and me ! If you gotta Mermi addiction later, i can be your 'dealer' Mwhaha

  4. I was wondering what you were smoking- 100% burn ? Haaaaa! Ambiguitttttyyyyy galore! 2.5%%% reallly???!!! Saving the money for collectibles??? Where are they ??? Let me at em…. what collectibles? Did they announce a drop to only you??.? We need answers to all this nonsensical ambiguity Kevin or mr earth . The old bait and switch and you fell for it like everyone else. He says on a 1-10 it’s a 12 but then says it was taken out of context????? Lol- how???? Tease- let down- repeat

  5. The initial purchase from drops burns 100%. Secondary sells in marketplace burns 2.75% which is something g actually said from the beginning if I'm not mistaken

  6. Hulk doesn’t necessarily mean they have marvel since Hulk is Universal but allowed to appear in Disney marvel. Hulk may be a part of universal deal since they already have partnership with universal.

  7. Rhys said Ready Player One is what they’re going for. How far away are we from a world like the Oasis?! Who knows, but I’m here for it. OMI is my Homie

  8. got my OMI to 100k which is alot for me cause im hodling my DOGE. OMI is da Homie!!!!!

  9. Ooor if you have a back to the future nft then that allows you access to the remake for free. You should watch the interview with 3LAU from iced coffee hour. He talks about nfts case uses that nobody has done yet

  10. i need GAG collectable. can't wait to have her smoking and drinking on my couch watching gameshows in vr

  11. Do you have a price prediction for EOY? Probably been asked too many times, but just wondering since you've been making so many videos. Awesome videos as always!

  12. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  13. Hi,

    There is some things that rhys said about buybacks, burns and veve that I didnt see in your videos. I would like to forward them to you on telegram. Please give me your username. Maybe you have mentioned them, but I havent seen them in your videos. He explained about how the buybacks would work.

    Also I have been on veve as one of the first and have a lot of collectibles. I would like to sell some to buy omi, im thinking about selling 20% of my total collection. Im only selling before the big news of ecomi, after that I will not sell collectibles anymore. If anyone is interested to buy my collectibles for omi or other crypto (i could accept any crypto because i can convert it to omi) let me know! We could use kevin from this channel as escrow if he wanted.

    Among what I could sell are things with very few editions such as ultra rare Nightwing (only 1750 editions), I also have some harley quins babs tarr (harley 08), this one has a missprint in the earring and is until now the only veve collectible with a missprint. It has 2500 editions only. Compare this amount of editions to the current ultra rares having 12500 editions, and the amount of editions might keep growing with the userbase as the ecomi team itself said.

  14. I would like to assume that… The original plan of burning 100% of purchased gems spent in the market will still get burnt. Then the 2.5% of each transaction would be for the spending of 2nd hand gems (gained from sales)… Maybe possibly I don't know lol

  15. The phone doesn‘t matter. In order to do what you wish your phone would have to key out your body in the picture. but at the moment this function does not excist in the veve app. Maybe it will be possible in the future.

  16. It's Saturday, and yet at late night in California, my boy Kevin posted a video. When you get 1m subs, don't forget me haha

  17. Investing in a Bitcoin is the best investments anyone can do this year 2021 because bitcoin investments has made a lot of people  millionaire

  18. Check out art acute on instagram .. davidyunz follows them .. I'm pretty sure veve will be similar as far as nfts being placed around your city … Kaws is involved

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