DID NOT See This About HIVE! Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, and Dogecoin 🚀🚀🚀

Hive blockchain has had a stellar year in 2020 but I think the end is near for this beast of a stock before it goes into hibernation for another 4 years. Altcoins like XRP and Dogecoin are breaking out to new all time highs which has historically signalled the end of the bull market so this is my plan.

Crypto is on FIREEE 0:00
What I Didn’t See About HIVE 1:22
Bitcoin Price Target And Why It Will Crash 3:38
What I am doing with HIVE in the next few weeks 5:09

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Note that this is NOT professional financial advice but rather documenting what I have learned over the years I have been investing and for entertainment purposes only. I want to share my journey with you to inspire you to take a hold of your finances and invest for the future! .


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  1. This bull run is different. What drove the crypto Market was that after bitcoin became a 1t$ asset now companies have made it an permanent asset to the portfolio. Even if bitcoin dips now companies will buy the dip. T

  2. How can you not consider Ethereum prices here when Hive is significantly holding and mining more Eth than Bitcoin?

  3. Hey bud. Hive is most likely a hold for me. Definitely because of of their use of green energy in Canada and the Nordic Countries. Most likely the stock may go higher after the next Bitcoin halving event. Thanks for your input and I love your show. Cheers! – From a Canadian living in Germany 🙂

  4. What about Ethereum 2.0? That should skyrocket HIVE stock. Could hit well before 2025

  5. That looks like a huge cup formation! And now the handle is forming! That is a bullish pattern Daniel

  6. I own Lophtshack on telegram my life,after falling victims to scammers,I decided to take one ☝️ more risk and came through !thanks sir

  7. I own Lophtshack on telegram my life,after falling victims to scammers,I decided to take one ☝️ more risk and came through !thanks sir

  8. I am mostly just a silent observer but all these insights of yours are really helpful. Thanks, appreciate all the work you do.

  9. Thanks for your video and analysis. I do agree with you that crypto will be crash someday. (I hope it will not crash this year.) Personally, I love HIVE more than any other similar companies and belive it will outperform in the long future. It feels sad to see it dropping everyday. But that is the reality. It seems that it is affected by ^IXIC more than bitcoin or eth. I can't sell my shares for now, since I bought them at much higher price (my bad move.. ). Similar strategy as yours, probably sell when it reaches 5.7-6 and stay quiet for a bit. Anyway, appreciate all your insights and analysis.

  10. I'm confused, you're using stock to flow to predict the end of the bull run? Using that model we are still a ways off from the end of this crypto bull run. I'm always willing to learn so can you shed light on this?

  11. Doesn’t stock to flow predict 100-300k for BTC this cycle? Was making all my predictions splitting the difference with 200k

  12. I feel like none of these crypto people know much about crypto lol. So after EIP 1559 (Berlin Hard fork in july), the revenue will drop by 40-50%. What happens after Shanghia hardfork??? You can't mine ethereum anymore, and they barely have any btc miners. Investing in Eth mining now is like investing in oil and gas… don't overpay….

  13. I don’t think the crypto will be crash soon. Solid consolidation on btc. Anyway i have lost 800$ dollars in 2 days with hive so crash or not i will hold. I believe on this compagnie so if they drop under 2$ i’ll just buy dip.

  14. How about MOGO the company is backed by crypto are they going to be affected if the crypto crashes?

  15. There was too much fomo in feb. Since bitcoin hasn't crashed yet and was pretty much smooth sailing to 60k. after it crashed back to 48kish a lot of people got a reality check. Can the mining stocks go back to where they once were? That will take some time, btc and eth has to show some more stability for that to happen. Right now there just isn't enough interest from retail investors, shorters are having a field day.

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