Denmark: Protesters march against ‘vaccine passport’ in Copenhagen

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Protesters marched through Copenhagen on Saturday to protest against COVID restrictions introduced to curb the spread of coronavirus, as well as a COVID-19 ‘vaccine passport’ being developed by Denmark.

The rally was organised on social media by the ‘Men In Black’ group.

Demonstrators were seen marching with lit torches and chanting slogans.

On Wednesday, Denmark said it will realise a digital COVID passport that would permit foreign travel and for restrictions to be alleviated.

Denmark has registered 198,348 COVID cases and 2,085 related deaths thus far according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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  1. spain gov in 2020: vac passports create inequality and are unjust. we would never do that
    spain gov in 2021: you know what…

  2. This passport means the begging of new mondial order – he order of fears and conspiracies.. no more democracy, no more freedom

  3. “those who give a little liberty for a little order will deserve neither and lose both”.Thomas Jefferson

  4. Denmark is listed as top 5 happiest nations, yet this occurs in our nation. Fantastic.

  5. If the world doesn't protest now for all these cruelty we and coming generations are doomed…..

  6. The police r the enemy of free and free thinking people
    They r gladely enforcing the new world order

  7. Lol…American Disability Act (ADA) will have fun with this one in the US. Can you say medical discrimination. I’m just say’n

  8. Kære præsident, har du også drukket af det store Babylons bæger? Kast deres vin og bring folk tilbage til det normale. Den, der kommer for at dømme de levende og de døde, kommer og vil ikke skåne dig.

  9. Everything “ conspiracy theorists” have said is coming true…what are we going to call them now? Radicals? Criminals?

  10. Six and half weeks ago HOLY SPIRIT spoke unto my spirit during awaking in the morning:

  11. After earth is waking up to clean up the mess that somehow ended up in their lands and their own teritorry is slowly spreading a virus, no not Corona, but power, they want you to take the Poison they call vaccines and they want power over you, the governments aren’t supposed to be powerful, and they are learning that in the hard way, people have more strenght than a health minister and prime minister, this isn’t going to happen, crimes against our freedom will never be unnoticed, if we one day shall grab a weapon to save the people of mother earth, wait for me! I want to join! This is our freedom, not their power! We aren’t test bonnies, let us show them what we are, we are peaceful people that mind our health and our own body, but should anyone threaten our freedom, we will be brave fighters that fight for what is here and what will always be here, freedom, every human’s right, every human’s need. Masks, what are they even? This piece of paper or fabric you wrap around your face to damage your lungs and brain so that people won’t complain, the tool that the government has used for so long because they told you to wear them so many times that people take it as a rule, which the government sees nothing wrong in, and also take it as a rule however it never was, and it makes the government a criminal organization. this illness of power is somehow in our freedom’s way and it shouldn’t be our duty to stop it, but it is, we shall protect freedom at all costs .

  12. Anyone who hasn’t seen the Danish ‘vaccine passport’ cartoon on Hugo Talks, I’d strongly suggest taking a look so you can see for yourself why this has to be stopped at all costs.

  13. Bravo Denmark! Keep firm against global tyranny!
    Let the world come together united against global tyranny Dictatorship.

  14. Totally with you all 100% from the UK. May God sort out this mess of elite corruption. Amen.

  15. I support Danish protests of the vaccine passport. It's all about globalist control of the people. Good for Denmark!

  16. This is going globally, Israel, America, obviously Denmark!!! Anyone catching on to what's going on or are we distracted by the divide and conquer agenda?

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