Deep Dive into TrustSwap!!!

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In this video we take a deep dive look into one of the most prominent launchpad projects out there TrustSwap.

0:00 – Intro
0:41 – TrustSwap Launchpad Service
7:41 – Flashlanches
9:34 – TrustSwap Smart Locks
12:30 – TrustSwap Mint
15:32 – Other real world use cases for TrustSwap
16:19 – Swap Tokenomics
17:03 – TrustSwap Swappable
17:39 – TrustSwap Team
18:56 – Swap Token Price
20:07 – Conclusion

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  1. hi, Ive got my SWAP staked on trustswap using my coinbase wallet. whilst trying to withdraw my swap the prerequisite to have an ETH balance greater than 0 is unchecked although my ETH balance is greater than 0. could you please help

  2. Crypto turning into the rich man’s game you’re gonna need almost $20,000 to put down on trust swap just to get In early on those coins

  3. At first I never believe all this reviews I thought it was a clickbait, then a friend of mine who actually took the risk to try blackwebfunds on telegram realized that he’s completely legit

  4. You are NOT guaranteed of an allocation! Even with 4000 tokens. Many launches have passed me by.

  5. Good vid! Would you put swap #1 platform then? Also what are the differences with pols, dao, duck, paid? And any new upcoming platforms that we can get into early as 4k swap is a large buy. Thanks

  6. Thanks Milton – big fan of the channel. I’ve been keen to invest in TrustSwap for a few weeks now so your vid is very timely. I picked up that you need around $14,000 to invest in TrustSwap-this correct?

  7. lnvesting in cryptocurency now shouId be in every wise individuaIs list, in some months time you'Il be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  8. correction Mr CryptoWise. The CEO Jeff Kirdeikis has made a public commitment to never raising that 4k staked minimum requirement

  9. guaranmteed but how much? 5$ or 100$ allocation? for 4000swaps lets say

  10. This is probably the last time you can get in at a SWAP price lower than $5

    Staking pool 96% full

  11. everytime I’m planning on buying a coin, somebody has to pump the price before I get the chance #FML

  12. Please, how and where do you do KYC to participate in Trustswap Lunchpads?

  13. PAID network was the first to start the launchpad with tier 1 projects. Look at PAID network. Much better projects than Ttrustswap

  14. Is there a whitelisting process? Are US residents prohibited from being able to participate in the launchpad? I know we can buy SWAP but didbt know about the IDO.

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