Please visit the website of the book “In the Head of Bitcoin Creators”. Meet the Krypto Nation Team: LINK TO DISCORD – WELCOME 😉 All good podcasts about cryptocurrencies EMAIL: BITFENIKS@PROTONMAIL.COM Link to the original page where you can buy LEDGER NANO S or LEDGER NANO X (all the return from your purchased crypto wallets goes to the next competitions …) “DOBRO BACK” On the Feniks Bitcoin channel we have 8 broadcasts: * DZIEN DOBRY KRYPTO – daily information from the world of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies abbreviation: #DDK * KRYPTO GUIDE – knowledge of Blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies useful for functioning in the world of KRYPTO abbreviation: #KP * KRYPTO SNAPSHOT – An interesting topic that is important to tell … abbreviation: #KM * FUSES TOOTHERS – Technical analysis with bitcoin humor abbreviation: #WF * PREDICTIONS DAVINCIJ15 – Programs related to the man who predicted the success of Bitcoin in 2011 and Hack on MtGox in 2014 half a year before, and the bear market in 2018 abbreviation #PD * FROM AMATEUR TO INVESTOR – A for beginners in the world of crypto abbreviation #OADI * ON SATOSHI NAKAMOTO TRACK SPREAKER PLAYER.FM SPOTIFY If you are looking for a channel with the latest news in the world of cryptocurrencies from around the world, you’ve come to the right place. I would like to show you whether it is worth investing in cryptocurrencies, whether rush, i.e. FOMO, is the way to crypto, about pump and dump, exchanges, etc., about day trading. Remember that everything contained in the broadcast is only my opinion and cannot be treated as an investment advice. you feel that we are doing a good job or we help you in our opinion to multiply crypto, now you have the opportunity to send crypto in the form of Bitcoin, Etherium or Litecoin to our account which will be used only for the further growth of this channel as well as for sponsoring foreign conferences at which so you can ask the great figures of the crypto world. ADDRESSES: BITCOIN – BTC 1AYddULA4hGu2iuMFiS2tjCZm67G7iYiZT ETHEREUM – ETH 0xFE671B5AC81c85735d59751866dBFa0F55DCd50e LITECOIN – LTC LfTGvLnxDEAD2ADEBÓFREAd14DEGVLNREAJD2KIBÓFREAD2KIBÓRKUYAD2KIBÓRKU


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