COVID19: Corona cases are increasing, will lockdown be imposed in Maharashtra and Delhi?

COVID19: Corona cases are increasing, will lockdown be imposed in Maharashtra and Delhi?
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  1. Sarkar ab tak vacine kyo nhi kr rahe h… Public ghar m baithe v to kab tak baithe… Ye galati kisi h… Aap batao… Other county m to aisa systems nhi h….

  2. All are crazy making things, nothing is making mad in the name of Corona. Lockdown is not a cure for it.

  3. Jb school band the to sbko musibat thi k school kn khulenge.. Ab khol dye to band krwane ki guhaar lga rhe hain…. Corona k nam pr exam se bachna chah rhe hain students…
    Bs school jane se corona ho jayega.. Waise to ghr se koi nikalta hi nhi hoga….. Drama

  4. nice I want lockdown: bcz no precaution s are being taken in kv schhool

    aur offline preboard bhi hai

  5. Jaise jaise Muslims ka festival ramzaan aur eid kareeb aa raha hai. Waise sarkar aur news walo ko corona ko jagane ka theka mil gaya hai.

  6. Jab saare bacchhe new strain se mar jayenge tab baand karoge kya
    Research mein aaya hai ke new strain jyada harmful hai young generation ke liye

  7. Apna apna rona sab ro rahe kabhi doctors ke baare mai socha hai kisi ne ?

  8. Some body please tell west bengal government to shut down schools.they want to show that government has tackled it judiciously. what a farce.

  9. यु पी सरकार स्कूलों को बंद करने का आदेश दे वरना उत्तर प्रदेश के भविष्य के साथ बहुत बड़ा खिलवाड़ हो सकता है।

  10. यहासे पहले कभी लोग नही मरतेथे क्या

  11. This lockdown has been a good one to me. I made my first profit of $51,450 today feels like I won the NBA finals

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