COVID-19: Will the government over-deliver on its vaccine pledge?

There are suggestions the government could over- deliver on its pledge to vaccinate 15 million people by mid-February.

Sky’s Roland Manthorpe looks at the data so far, and analyses whether the programme is on target.

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  1. Sky news still trying to push the great vacine agenda they have, but sadly no one is listening, people have woken up currently 25 people have died in the UK from the Fisher vacine. And this news is getting around
    What about telling the queen and mobsrcy is finished, the central banks have now been closed down and Dutch goverment close, also the brother of the rockafella has been taken out but trumps military team its started the beginning has started not the reset that's was the deep state that over the new beginning is here people wake up.

  2. I believe that humanity should thank Muhammad, the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, for his guidance and advice in quarantine to combat the pandemic and not move from place to place, 1400 years ago.

  3. No I’m certain the Government will perform with exceptional professionalism and efficiency as they always do. It’s the public who will fail miserably at being good and proper vaccine recipients.

  4. The problem isn't vaccinating millions and hitting targets! The real problem is vaccines work only for few months and they're not effective as pharmaceutical companies claim!
    Moderna vaccine company stated it's vaccine work only for one year only, which means people need to take vaccines every winter!

    The strict measures like self isolating, social distancing and the Tier systems will remain in the West for few years despite people being fooled to take Corona vaccines!
    In 2015 winter season 44,000 people died in the UK from the Flu despite elderly and vulnerables being vaccinated with Flu jabs, so why there were no lockdowns or hospitals crying to keep people at homes?
    If we learnt to live with Flu viruses and sars viruses all these years, so why suddenly Covid19 has become different? To take Trump down and demolish capitalism, force socialism and curb and control freedom of speech and limit civil liberties!!!

  5. Script I am trying to sound important but I have no point and in the end I am the overly dramatic news guy that talks nonsense

  6. I seem to recall vaccine companies claiming a week or two ago that maintaining supply wasn't a problem for them. But of course Downing Street doesn't want to make this public knowledge, because this is the ONLY excuse they have got if they screw up the roll out.

    Of course, there are many of millions who, having had covid-19, already have excellent natural immunity, and don't want or need vaccination. So probably around 20% to 25% won't be lining up for the jab, which makes roll out somewhat easier.

    On the last point, I hope people realise that our dictators are planning to use "vaccination passports" to COERCE people into getting vaccinated, by denying them their basic human rights to work and travel freely. Be in no doubt whatsoever that if they are allowed to get away with this even once it will open the flood gates for similar actions in the future.

  7. Sky is still owned by Rupert Murdoch. Hardly surprising that they re promoting this travesty.

  8. When will they release the story about the 23 people dying after recieiving their covid jabs in Norway? Oh yeah, they won't.

  9. Why do we need a vaccines when they already have safe meds that work better than c19 and were proved to do so these meds stop and cure c19 why do goverments refuse to talk about this when its true it has to be an agenda and why are people not standing up about this

  10. If vaccine havent been kept in required temperature after effects can be x10 worse.
    If gov or medical company takes no liability for after effects why should we take it?

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