COVID-19 Tracker Application 01 – Build a COVID-19 Simple React Project With an API | (Corona Virus)

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I have created COVID-19 Tracker Application. This is a simple and small react application consuming (corona virus tracker app) an API with data about the ongoing COVID-19 virus in the world. I have build a app that shows the current confirmed cases, recoveries and deaths. You can see the worldwide info, or search by country. Corona Virus is, unfortunately, spreading through the entire world. What can we, as developers, do to make the situation better? We can help to spread awareness by visualizing the data. The data is fetched from the API and we’ll create cards displaying the statistics as well as Charts. Thanks for watching..

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  1. Thank you so much, brother. I was trying to create one and this is easier to follow through. Subbed !!

  2. This was so helpful and comprehensive, thank you so much for the walkthrough! The project structure is so organized and easy to understand.

  3. I'm learning react now a days, and being a newbie I just understand you very well, thanks for this brilliant effort. You are amazing ♥

  4. An excellent tutorial, brings home just how serious this is as I've watched the figures rise throughout one day.

  5. I've been learning code for a few months now and last week I came across your channel. I love these in-depth tuts; I learn so much from videos like these. Thank you.

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