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Governments are starting to ease restrictions designed to curb covid-19. But with most of the world still vulnerable to the virus, what’s the right way to leave lockdown? Read more here:

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  1. What do you want to know about the ongoing coronavirus pandemic? Comment below with any questions you have about covid-19 and about the economic impact and recovery in the months and years ahead. Our resident coronavirus expert alongside one of The Economist's financial journalists will answer as many questions as possible in two films we’ll publish on 5th and 8th May.

  2. Wuhan tested the entire city before reopen, and here in California, it’s nearly September now and we still don’t have any contact tracing.

  3. There was no so-called “social distancing” here in China. For the density of population in cities, it’s too hard to do. People were either asked to stay home strictly when there were new cases, or you can go out a few weeks after there’s no new local transmission.

  4. China should be held accountable for all ravages and damages to lives of people due to spread of coronavirus.

  5. CraigP3333 The problem is that China is mass under reporting COVID-19 deaths and infections

  6. I hope the vaccine will be availablefor the whole world, not only for the rich country's.

  7. I hesitate to be on board with anything similar to how China tracks its citizens. Just because the system is being used to track those infected with COVID-19 now, does not mean that it cannot be repurposed to track citizens in other ways in the future.

  8. We have one of the ten top pharmaceutical industries in the world in the UK can we be prepared for a cure or vaccine.

  9. Big data. Two words, all key workers tested and being 100 percent clear if you can get it twice.

  10. Some of this comment section is from the people that is against reopening. R u serious? To the crybabies that just want to stay home all year long. Well let me tell you this, it will never happen. The countries will reopen to save the economy. They will do contact tracing. So get over it.

  11. As a subscriber who holds the Economist in extremely high regard, I'm just shocked at how nonintellectual these videos are. Please do better.

  12. Self-discipline & awaredness can only claim earlier re-opening. Actually, many people are confused, thinking everthing's back to normal even at the early, cautious reopening stages.

  13. The problem with tracing in the US is that people will start saying it’s an invasion of privacy

  14. to those crybabies at home saying they took away their freedom and we need to save the economy. If we reopen everything, people will get sick in 2 weeks, while sneezing on your burger and all those business will shut down again because of sanitation problems, so again everyone off work being sick at home or at overcrowded hospitals hoping not to die. So you'll have money for few weeks and then you'll be off sick and more will die, causing this to last up to 2021.

  15. How come masks wearing are not mentioned. in Asia, mask wearing proves valuable because social distance is not possible as many regions are densely populated.

  16. Disinformation: China is having its second wave just not telling everyone about it!!!!

  17. Don't pay attention to what The Economist says, but rather look their hidden symbology and meaning. They revealed the Pandemic in the "World in 2020" cover.

  18. India has launched an app like this on April 2nd! You guys are all waaaaaaay behind.

  19. Coronavirus Pandemic was in 2020 The economist Magazine Cover. The economist knew all this already

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