COVID-19: 'People are struggling to stay off work when they're told to'

The government is offering £500 to people who test positive and self isolate for the full 10 days required but is that enough incentive when lower income areas risk losing jobs?

Sky’s Katerina Vittozzi goes to Knowsley where infection rates are high and workers can’t afford to take a test.

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  1. The government will get so much money to sit at home not the hard worker who pay for the clowns

  2. Inflation will be the final nail in the coffin for the middle and working classes.

    It's coming, and it's going to hit hard in the next 5 years.

  3. I work retail god knows if the business can sustain and bounce back I could lose my job fortunately my partner is the bread winner and they can still work duribg this tie but for those who can't isolating unpaid is devastating yet we can afford eat out to help out but not offer help….

  4. Time to open up again and reject the New World Order’s Klaus Scwab’s Great Reset. Brexit, populism, Nationalism, Trump were a threat to their global plans!

  5. Just ask, not make, people to wear masks outside. So many people passing in busy areas now. They need to normalize wearing a mask in busy areas at least. People have given up staying home now

  6. Lockdown isn't the answer this government has to go,would it not be more appropriate just to shield the vulnerable

  7. Remember back in march when all those crazy nutjob conspiracy theory wackos said that people would need to have a covid passport to get on a plane…….and low and behold what ended up coming true…….

  8. So ppl can starve to death and it will be ok since they stayed at home and didn’t work?

  9. Can’t we press the great restart button on our leaders and media outlets instead of each other

  10. With the merger of Bioclonetics and Enzolytics completed (ENZC)12-2020, their Flagship ITV1 platform and CLONE3 Technologies which are now being combined as we speak at OWS in TX with Dr. Ronald Moss guiding the way, CURES for HIV/COVID/CANCER/MS/are on the way.

  11. People are fed up. I’m sure we all could have put up with a few months lockdown but where nearly on a year now and they can’t expect us to stay at home for ever?

  12. I own my own landscape company an have had no choice but to work on my own for 10 months because I keep being told I'm not going to given a penny……Great cheers mate for keeping the economy going… get back to work……thats what they basically are telling tradesmen that actually own there company

  13. The rambunctious worm ophthalmoscopically advise because harbor affectively moan since a one kendo. fancy, disgusted rugby

  14. Looks like the Tory message of "using common sense", "getting on with it" and "personal responsibility" (as opposed to towards society) is blowing up in their faces…

  15. People need & have to get back to work NOW!.. for the sake of their families, mental well being and the growth of the economy! The gov are shamefull!!..virus has always had a 97% survival/recovery rate, the gov. are so wrong to close down the economy !!

  16. Just seen on SLY news a pro Chinese government lockdown piece. SLY news spewing out Commie propaganda. Now we know Commie Chinese government has paid SLY news for that. Pathetic.

  17. They should be entitled to the covid payment too labourers it should be fair for any one self isolating

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