Covid-19 numbers as of May 5, 2021

Latest statistics on the Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysia.

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  1. Dah mcm2 krjaan buat tapi angka jangkitan TETAP melebihi angka pulih. The authorities failed somehow. What's next?

  2. Let's follow the SOP to reduce covid cases, don't make Malaysia become the next India.
    So we all can "balik kampung" & be covid-free in 2022.

  3. So Malaysia is taking risk of imported case to spread to local people lah

  4. My area under pkp. Just read the news and the rules. And to me difference. Bazar , pasar pagi all still allow to open. And put shops what time open what time close. I don't really see a difference.

    If they really wanna improve the cases. Close bazaar , pasar pagi or malam. Close all of the place that gather people and essential services. I don't understand why still allow bazaar not because I am racist or what bazaar and pasar is the worse. Cuz a lot of people gather . They write follow sop and more strict rules. I don't think it will help. Like seriously. Just do a lockdown. Economy already dropping already. With the covid rise and death rising. There will be no more economical.y left to safe when it hits 5k. And soon gonna reach it's target.

    Now doesn't matter what name MCO/PKP or what. The rule are literally too relax. I don't know la. From seeing the rules I think the case still gonna go up because they never totally close all these gathering places. And I keep seeing news about people saying don't want lockdown , don't want close. It's not the people that makes the decision. It's the government. And the government have listen to the people and see where it got us? Case rises. Death increase. If the government really want the case to drop. Do a total lockdown 2 week. Close all gathering . Close all borders. Vaccinate . It's already 3k cases. Death every I can see are average 10. Sometime 10+ almost to 20. 1 week 10 death per day. 1 week 70 people die. That's a lot.

    Government I urge you lah. Please lah. Lockdown. If continue sop /MCO or what ever. The case just gonna increase. And close all gathering and sport activity. Like basket ball. Etc.

  5. No need DHARURAT then. No need to stop parliment. Wonder why PN govt still shut parliment door

    May our beloved agong do something !

  6. Gw udah kata kepada semua rakyat MALAYSIA,Jangan percaya COVID 19 tu ada!

  7. Semoga mereka mereka yg menipu dan memperdayakan orang ramai mendapat azab dari Allah …In Syaa Allah

  8. Until 12pm 37++. Today I saw alot malay pple not wearing the mask in hypermarket, if we ask anything, they will fight bck. so just leave it..n watch case the increasing

  9. well, Pasar Malam for berbuka puasa still going on…. later Hari Raya also celebrating…. More case incoming! GREAT!

  10. Tomorrow :
    2,0000 recoveries
    4,000 Infections
    40 deaths

  11. Pkp,pkbb, tapi tak nampak bulu tindakan . apa guna tiap tiap sebut pkp,pkbb dan berbagai bbbb.apa guna kalau sekadar cakap .

  12. Well down M"sia..carry on. Everything is still normal n operational. MCO /CMCO or whatever they like to call it makes no difference.

  13. Can any of you estimate the time duration until the infected cases reached over 450000

  14. 2021: 3,744 cases today
    2022: 69,420 cases today
    69,420: 10000000000000000 cases today

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