Covid-19 numbers as of April 25, 2021

Latest statistics on the Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysia.

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  1. Stop blaming the public for rise in Covid cases. These ministries are supposed to make it easier for people to fight Covid, not 'bagi arahan' only from the top. When politicians fail in their job, we need to be critical.

  2. tutup sekolah online atau tv study shj , failed gorvernment apa sop pun sekolah senang jangkit sekolah murid banyak dan masa nya panjang orang tak mahu pergi pun paksa orang pergi lepas itu saman guru atau ibubapa bukan nya mereka hendak pergi sekolah

  3. tutup la sekolah tu…budak² bukannya kebal pun dengan keadaan sekeliling apatah lgi budak sekolah rendah better tutup ja….aku yang dh habis sekolah ni pun rasa better tutup sekolah utk kurangkan risiko

  4. Tq.God at less reduction Daly. Tq. God Bless all of ours human being.Tomorrow will be only 1,000 Ha ! Ha! Ham Hong Allah BLESS us forever healthy and good luck take care forever healthy please .

  5. Taiwan without lockdown also can win the covid19, Malaysia MCO, cmco, rmco also cannot reduce the covid19 case

  6. Darurat for what? Shot up to 2k+3k+ cases after darurat was enforced.. good job PN..

  7. It is only INFECTION number.
    Dead is among individual with critical original diseases only.
    No one infected and definitely dies.
    Majority Infected are cured and alive as normal after medication.

    Covid19 only KILLS people with internal body with a chronic and critical ownself diseases…due to

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