Covid 19 numbers as at March 1, 2021

Latest statistics on the Covid-19 outbreak in Malaysia.

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  1. Cases are decreasing because MOH is deciding to not test all close contacts. They are only testing people with close contacts to covid-positive cases, not close contacts to people with symptoms only. This will reduce the testing needed and therefore cases go down. We obviously want it to go down so life can return to normal again, but what are the implications of not being thorough, and testing every single person who might have risk of getting covid? Who knows, only time will tell.

  2. Close all school back. Before its to late the children are in dangered. Masih tinggi lgi belum sgt menurun

  3. The comment started to be normal After Yuzhe gan and his stupid fake gang left.And Now Its started to be bored…Lets just hope This Case will drop..

  4. Bored..Even Yuzhe Gan and his fake team already left this Comment section….I started to realise its just Testless..More test more case.Less test less case..Its actually still 4000+ case but the test is just less..its not the Case who drop.But The test

  5. What liar we don't believe decades bullshit murder,kidnapper,raper,robber,corrupted,coverup autocrat PN incuded tyrant big gangsters UMNO BN

  6. Dear all rakyat,
    Is covid really-really-really harm us?
    Dead due Covid = 1135/year.
    Dead due Road accident= 500,000/year.

    Is 1135 really cause of covid?????

  7. Cerita covid ni… kerajaan pn yang tambah tambah cerita .. buat cerita wayang china sebab nak berkuasa ..

  8. ….in 1week case gonna increase..cuz school is open..when case is still high…Stupid KPM…fired him !!!!

  9. so nice it case today, and Tess no matter If Tess high also low case it everyday test not important if has 1828 test then 1828 test it today and everyday go school no go home cause safe and follow rule or crazy craze case craze as raze craze

  10. I don’t think I believe that cases are going down. It all depends on the number of testing kits that were used on that day. It’s like the actual total amount wasn’t revealed, you know?
    Think about it

  11. So since is decreasing but I'm not sure how pre school,year 1 and 2 doing well in reopening school.

  12. I feel relieved that the cases are going down, keep up frontliners, y'all are the best.

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