COVID-19 Notify App Not Taking Off In California

Hermela Aregawi reports.


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  1. I find that anyone who is around 2 devices within 6’ for 15 min can get poisoned by the amount of radiation the 2 devices are emitting

  2. lol the people bitching about privacy. guys you have social media, you carry phones, and you buy stuff online. That is enough data to track you imbeciles.

  3. That's so dangerous for people to NOT want to be tracked by the police state. What's wrong with people not wanting to be controlled? So weird

  4. Oh great like anyone needs Gavin on your phone. Im sure an app full of tracking features… because its meant to track you !!! Lol 🙂

  5. This app uses 30 GB of storage. That's alot of storage taking up your phone. So your phone will explode if you have a phone that can only hold 32 GB of storage including the other apps you have on there.

  6. Geez, you want me to voluntarily hand over data to the Party that was talking about literally making lists of political enemies? No thanks.

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