COVID-19: Moderna vaccine arrives in the UK

As the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine comes under fire, the Moderna vaccine had its debut in Wales.

Ellie Taylor, a 24 year old unpaid carer to her grandmother, was the first person in the UK to get the jab.

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  1. Approved for "emergency use"…

    What emergency?

    Keep your gene therapy nonsense

  2. People are finally getting the sense that we are being systematically hypnotized. Moreover, all these absurd measures also awaken people from the intoxication of superficial materialism, and the definition of happiness is rightly called into question. These are times to think about things that really matter. To reflect on existential life questions. And also, especially now that we are being driven apart, on us as a society. What connects and unites us.
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  3. she's really happy and thrilled to be injected with a bio weapon from kill gates. forget your pensions.

  4. BREAKING NEWS: More people than ever making monotonous comments about how irrelevant Sky news is, just to get a few likes.

  5. According to the government’s own website on vaccines, moderna side effects include Bell’s palsy (facial drooping and paralysis) and swelling of the face and head…along with the usual fever, sickness, swollen glands and lymph nodes.

  6. The government have been usurped and bought  by gigantic pharmaceutical and big tech lobbyists, its very evident they are behind implementing these new laws and policies.

  7. Solution to a problem most would have known little about if not for parasites like Sky and the BBC ?

  8. lets see if its safe in 1 years time,,,,,,,,, until the governments start telling the truth I will give this fast track vaccine a miss, show results, not figures the virus will die off as summer arrives, nothing to do with the vaccines,,,,,,,, we will see what Autumn and winter bring, mr covid will be back and once again the government will go into silly fu,,,kers mode, as for Starmer who gives a crap what he has had, once again the uk government bumbing and blowing look what we done,,,,,, by not locking down in early 2020 the uk government cost 1,000's of uk lives,,,,,,, using the glory of the vaccine to hide the truth,

  9. I will never take this vax. Prion disease for all those who took it within a year.

  10. Every time we wear a face mask when we leave the house, every time we wash our hands, whenever we keep 2 metre distance, we are destroying the virus… Let's keep this going, we are doing fantastic


  12. We have a death rate 9x lower because we’ve been in lockdown since October – an important factor. Fingers crossed vaccines will prove efficient to protect us from another wave in Autumn.

  13. The euthanasia jab already delivered to the over 30’s… now the under 30’s for sterilization… This was the plan all along.

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