COVID-19: Insurers must pay up for lockdown losses – Supreme Court

Small businesses are celebrating as insurers are set to pay out on claims potentially worth £1.2bn after a Supreme Court ruling.

A broad range of firms argued they faced ruin when they were turned down by insurers after the first national lockdown.

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  1. I've said from a long time there is something wrong with this presenter. There is a lot of pressure on his forehead. Way too tense something no right here

  2. Wow , for once the small man won ! No doubt the insurance companies will put up there policy prices from now on to get there money back !

  3. I wonder how many insurance companies will be declared “bankruptcy” after this court case overturn .just a thought …

  4. Knock on affect just like car insurance. Everyone I personally know who has no points or made no claims (including me) is paying more the following year. The house ALWAYS wins

  5. insurers and afford this 100 time over this is just pocket change for the 6 biggest insurers.
    it is like the act of god clause they think they will never have to pay because god does not exist in this case god(the people)exist

  6. Boris Johnson needs to revive the economy and make everyone feel safe again by rolling out Covid 19 on the people putting cycle lanes and smart motorways on our roads. Once they are gone they will never do anything as stupid again

  7. Everyone talk about for insurance, for their business etc, what about all this people that lost their jobs?

  8. I believe that humanity should thank Muhammad, the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, for his guidance and advice in quarantine to combat the pandemic and not move from place to place, 1400 years ago.

  9. Get ready for WW3! Don't undermine my statement. Covid peddling campaign will come to a end with WW3.

  10. So, at the end, we all pay! Never mind the people who have totally ignored the restrictions, and, who for the majority have not been stopped or penalised for their actions!

  11. Sounds good on the surface but there will undoubtedly be blow back. Maybe insurers won't insure certain businesses anymore or no jabs – no insurance?

  12. This government have been late on absolutely everything then laxing lockdowns one Eat Out To Help Out and then open up Christmas which we are finding out how many are dying because of these decisions.

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