Coronavirus: Trudeau announces nationwide COVID-19 contact tracing app

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a nationwide COVID-19 mobile contact tracing app on Thursday, which will notify users if they’ve come into contact with the novel coronavirus.

He said the app, which was developed by the Canadian Digital Service in cooperation with the Government of Ontario, Shopify and Blackberry, would soon begin testing in Ontario and would be available across the country as of July.

Trudeau said the government has worked with the privacy commissioner on the mobile app, adding that no personal information will be collected or shared and that it would not use location services or geotagging.

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  1. App require at least iOS 13 to work with iPhone and is not suite to work with my android phone which is running with old OS. Awesome App developers. I am not going to buy new phones either.

  2. NOOOO ! government has proven over and over again that it's NOT to be trusted.
    but the lying cheats will probably order service providers to secretly download it in an upgrade.

  3. Only for Iphones, good F'ing luck with that… did BlackFace hire his mommy to develop the app so that he could waste more of tax payer's money. Soooo stupid, I can't believe this guy is still alive!

  4. Germany is doing it. Just makes sense. don't know why people are freaking out. its not like everyone hasnt been giving detailed information of themselves to facebook for years.

  5. Stop the testing and corona deaths will drop to zero. Just like this zero puppet global commie script reading actor in ottawa.

  6. The tracer was forced downloaded on my smart phone. If anyone can help me remove it completely please. I am not happy.

  7. Can we all just get over ourselves cause guess what plant earth has a 100% Death Rate on one gets off alive. What we should worry about is what kind of planet and social structures  we are leaving behind for our children and grandchildren. One where the 99% is enslaved by the 1% sociopath. That wants to force inject us with what ever DNA altering toxic stew whenever they feel like it. Where there is no freedom to travel sell or buy. Unless you have a COVID= ( Certificate Of Vaccination ID )  Hopefully this will wake people up and we can have a phone smashing tea party. Like the Boston tea party.

  8. Well I dont know why but this just reeks a bit discriminatory… sad part id that so many will just blissfully go along with this and anyone who does not will be demonized

  9. Unless this app can warn me that the individual who is coughing and sneezing in the self distancing lineup behind me at the Canadian Tire store, or anybody else who currently has Covid-19 is near me, no thanks.

  10. Total nonsense..this is a marxist socialist control, a first step to tyranny..shut this corrupt socialist down asap!!!

  11. Tracing?? You mean tracking. Waste some more money, unless everyone downloads its useless and i can't see that happening. How can you trust a liar!!

  12. Once something is in force it will never go away, they say anonymous, yes right, tell me another story. Besides I cannot afford a cell phone anyway.

  13. COVID-19 contact tracing app does not exist and has not been developed by CDS (Canada Digital Services). Why announce a non-existent item? You may just as well announce the "discovery" of Area 51, NSA, or the AT&T Building in New York City. You could announce the discovery of Area 18 (Division No. 18) in Northern Saskatchewan. Maybe they exist and maybe they don't exist.

  14. Yeah sorry bud I'm not gonna spend half my day checking my phone worrying if I might've been near someone who has the flu

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