Coronavirus: How effective is the contact- tracing app?

Exclusive: The contact-tracing app for England and Wales has only sent one alert about a coronavirus outbreak in a venue since it was launched two weeks ago, despite being used for millions of check-ins, Sky News has learned.

With over 16 million downloads, the absence of further alerts has raised questions as the mass closures of pubs and bars is expected in parts of the country.

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  1. I see one of the channels on the sharing of info has been taken they are stopping us all seeing and commentating on it…lol

  2. This is nothing more than the implementation of their evil Agenda 21/30, New World Order, New Normal, the roll out of tyranny that masquerades as a virus.

  3. Totally and completely useless if I don't use it, which is exactly how it will be for me. When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.

  4. I find it funny how people are letting an app dictate their lives now. It reminds me of that magic conch episode from Spongebob

  5. I hear those testing centre signs are made of aluminium and have decent crap value…….just saying..

  6. They'll try to impose Contact Tracing + Impose Health Passport ID Systems (for local and international use) + Mandatory Vaccinations + Cashless society (soon central bank digital currency direct with Government) + Compel RFID Microchip implants (linked to your money & social credit accounts, health passport details etc.)

    IF they do, anyone challenging the Government will have their cash/social credits removed, access to health care stopped, access to travel stopped etc.).

    The Goal = Total Government/Corporate Control

    When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty

  7. TLDR Under 60s are statistically fine so protect the elderly and vulnerable and let everyone else crack on like Sweden. Why are they ruining our way of life like this?

  8. My phone has been switched off since March. People said i was a conspiracy theorist etc back when i said this will become reality. Now the same people are hiding in shame.

  9. How do people recover after work, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and over eating ? The amount of damage that does to your body… marijuana

  10. Wouldn’t know if it works .. haven’t even downloaded it. Been working through this whole scamdemic haven’t felt better to be honest

  11. Test is not working for virus,99.9 are false positives.The real purpose of testing is building a database with everyone DNA

  12. Trump has got the cure and will distribute for free. no shot necessary. ThanQ for saving us from the WHOmst

  13. Stats
    Cancer deaths a day 450
    Heart disease a day. 460
    Altzhiemers. 541,589 a year

    COVID. 57 a day average

    Lockdowns are crazy
    Wake up

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